Entrepreneurship Major

The Entrepreneurship Major is designed to provide students broad, intellectual and practical skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge using skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in real-world settings to help them develop an entrepreneurial venture.   Students will learn to identify opportunities, solve problems, build business strategies, test and validate assumptions, execute, and present.  Through a series of courses that include hands on and experiential learning opportunities, students will develop the knowledge and skills that will serve as a spring-board for students who wish to start, run, or grow their own personal or family-owned business. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Major

Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate is designed for all students who are seeking knowledge and skills related to Entrepreneurship. The three (3) courses are designed to allow students to gain knowledge, skill sets, and experiences beyond their major studies. Specifically, this certificate would be beneficial to students that want to start or become part of a small business or work within a larger organization as an innovator (intrapreneurship). Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Certificate

Page last modified February 2, 2022