Advisor Hold Process

If your cumulative GPA is below a 2.000, a hold will be placed on your record preventing you from registering for the upcoming academic year during the March advanced registration period. This means you will not be permitted to register until you have a signed registration form for each semester you intend to register for in the upcoming year. 

How to Lift an Advisor Hold

1. Meet with an academic advisor.

Use the online appointment scheduler or call (616) 331-6890 to schedule an advising appointment with an advisor in our office who works with your major program.

2. Develop a schedule of courses

Using the academic plan you created with your advisor, use myBanner to find the specific courses and sections you wish to take. The schedule will be available after March 1st. Then complete the drop/add forms found in the packet (click on the image to the right) and fill out the classes  you wish to take including course, day/time, and location for each semester.   

3. Have your schedule approved

Bring your planned schedule to 321C DeVos Center anytime during office hours or email it to your advisor. You do not need an appointment. We will compare your planned schedule to the academic plan you created with your advisor and approve your plan. 

4. Get Registered 

Take your signed/approved registration forms to the registration windows anytime after March 1. Keep a copy and register on your registration date. Remember an approved plan does not guarantee you a seat if the course is full you will need to find an alternative.

Page last modified June 23, 2021