School of Social Work - Pre-Candidacy Review (Likely)


Due to the fact that your major is declared as Social Work and you have earned more than 45 credits, the College of Community and Public Service Undergraduate Advising Center has reviewed your academic record to gauge the likelihood of your admission into the School of Social Work’s Bachelor of Social Work program for Fall 2015.

Our review of your academic progress indicates that your admission status is: LIKELY

What does this mean?

Based on the information available to the CCPS-UAC at the time of review, it appears that you will have satisfied all of the candidacy requirements after the Winter 2015 semester.

This review takes into consideration your coursework for Winter 2015 and assumes that you will successfully complete all of your currently in-progress work (including minimum grades, if applicable) and will maintain a 2.500 minimum cumulative GPA; if you do not successfully complete your Winter 2015 courses or do not have a 2.500 cumulative GPA after this semester, you should contact your academic advisor to discuss your status for Fall admission.

Okay, so now what?

  1. Follow the registration instructions below to below to register for your Fall and Winter Courses. Failure to follow these instructions will lead to errors, frustration and delays.
    1. 2015-2016 Social Work Registration Instructions
  2. Submit your Social Work application before Thursday, April 30th for early consideration.

Do Note: Although PSY 303, PSY 360 or SOC 360, and SOC 382 or SW 300 are not required prior to admission into the BSW program, they are required prior to Fall 2016. If you are missing any, you should plan to include them into your 2015-2016 academic plan.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. This is a general review, intended to assist you as registration season approaches and not a formal indication to your eligibility.
  2. Click here to view the candidacy checklist (it will be on page 2).
  3. To view your myPath degree audit report available in myBanner to see your coursework. For instructions on how to access your myPath, click here.
  4. To confirm your registration date, click here and select “Registration Calendar”.
  5. If you have questions about your academic plan, you may contact the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center at 616-331-6890 or email
  6. To schedule an advising appointment, please visit or call 616-331-6890.

Page last modified March 9, 2015