Repeat Course Policy

A student may repeat any course one time. When repeating a course, the grade earned shall be the grade of record but the grades of all courses attempted will remain on a student’s official transcript.

Students who repeat a course will have only the last grade counted toward their GPA, whether or not the last grade is higher. Grades of I, W, AU, CR, or NC do not replace an earlier grade.

Repeating a course more than once is allowed only with the written approval of the student’s academic advisor. In cases when the course is not in the student’s major unit, approval to repeat the course must also be approved by the appropriate unit head of the department where the course is offered.

Please note: many undergraduate secondary admission programs and postgraduate professional programs routinely recalculate students’ undergraduate GPAs to include repeated coursework. The inclusion of repeated grades may lower your overall GPA when applying to such programs. Students should consult with prospective programs regarding their policies before applying.

For additional information regarding changes in federal regulations and impacts on financial aid for repeating courses, please click on the Policies section on the Financial Aid website.

Page last modified November 10, 2014