Common Registration Error Messages

How to check for registration restrictions and pre-requisites:

  • Search for a course in the online schedule
  • See if there is a pre-requisite (indicated by a “Y” in the “Preq Exists” column)
  • Click on the blue CRN number, and review the instructions listed under the title of the course. This will provide you with linked course information if there is any (such as a lab or discussion that must also be added.)
  • Click on the blue title of the course on this page to read what the pre-requisites are. If you meet the pre-requisites listed you will be able to enroll for the course online.

Error Message

What It Means

What You Need to Do


The enrollment in this course is restricted by class (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.). 

You may not enroll until you reach the appropriate class standing.

Freshman 0-24 credits

Sophomore 25-54 credits

Junior 55-84 credits

Senior 85+ credits


The class has reached enrollment capacity.

 See Closed Course Registration for more information.


Co-requisite courses must be taken at the same time. They must also be added to the schedule at the same time and not separately.  

To do this, add the first class to your worksheet. Find the second class and add it to your worksheet. Now go to the Add/Drop screen and “submit changes”. Double check your schedule to ensure you registered for all desired courses before logging out.  Another way is to look up the course CRN numbers separately and then enter them on the Add/Drop screen.


Certain lectures, labs, and/or discussions are "linked" together. You must register for both the lecture, lab and/or discussion at the same time. 

To check for Linked requirements, click on the blue CRN number on the schedule and read the directions just below the title of the course.

(e.g.; General Biology I - 10229 - BIO 120 – 10 Students registered in section 10 must also register for a lab (903-946).) 


Only students in certain majors are allowed to register for this course. 

If you have not yet declared your major, you should do so. If you are not within the major, you may ask for a permit. See the override request process for more information.


You are trying to take more credit hours than allowed per semester (Max = 20 undergraduate credits).

You must reduce the number of hours on your schedule or get permission to register for over 20 credits. To request permission, you must have the signature of your advisor on a completed registration form and then take the form to the Student Academic Success Center 200 STU for approval.



The enrollment in the course is restricted by the department. You must receive permission to enroll in this course. 

Review the restriction criteria using the instructions at the top of this page. If you qualify to take the course, contact the department for more information. See the override request process for more information.


You do not have the pre-requisites for the course completed or registered in a semester prior to the course you wish to take. 

You should adjust your academic plan to take the courses in the appropriate order. Seek advising if you need assistance with reviewing the requirements. If you will be taking the pre-requisite at another institution or through testing prior to taking this course, you may request a pre-requisite override. See the override request process for more information.


You are trying to take 2 courses that meet at the same time or have overlapping times.

 Check your schedule and then choose different sections of each course so there is no overlap.

The error messages above are the most common for CCPS majors. If you received an error not on this page, you can view additional error messages on the Registrar's web page 

Page last modified March 6, 2018