Amanda Clark

Leah Kicinski

Title: Graduate Student 2012-2014


  • Master of Education (MEd) College Student Affairs Leadership - Grand Valley State University
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) - Aquinas College

Publications & Presentations:


Student Success and Service-Learning: Exploring the Relationship at a Two-Year Public Institution

This exploratory study examines the relationship between service-learning and student success at a two-year community college in the urban Midwest. Students who participated in service-learning during the 2010-2011 academic year were identified by institutional research and planning (n=788); additionally, students completed a survey regarding service experiences and learning outcomes (n=280). The data suggest that student success appears to be related to service-learning; 76% of subjects who participated in service-learning met a success indicator compared to 62% of students who were enrolled 2011-2012. Additionally, students reported learning communication, critical thinking, diversity, interpersonal, and personal skills as a result of their participation.

Book Review:

Kicinski, L. R. (2013). Review of the book Codes of conduct in academia: New Directions for Higher Education Number 160, Winter 2012. The Journal of the National Academic Advising Association, 33(2).


Advising for High-Impact Practices - 2014 Michigan Academic Advising Association (MIACADA) Annual Conference

The American Association of Colleges and Universities has identified High-Impact Educational Practices as an active learning method to help students achieve academic success. These practices fall under the broader theme of the Liberal Education and Americas Promise (LEAP) goals. These practices exist throughout our colleges and universities, but what are they, where are they on our campuses and how do we help our students access them? Participants will learn about practices, such as: first-year seminars, diversity and global learning, and service-learning/ community-based learning, and engage in small group discussion and receive materials regarding the current literature oh high-impact practices.

Unwritten Rules of Leadership, co-presenter The Leadership Summit, Grand Valley State University; February 2014

Controversy with Civility, co-presenter Intermediate Leaders Institute, Grand Valley State University; November 2013



Michigan Academic Advising Association (MIACADA) - Outstanding Advisor-Graduate Student - 2014


Where is she now:

  • Assistant Director, Residential Life & Housing - Lake Michigan College - 2014-2016
  • Director, Residential Life & Housing - Lake Michigan College - 2016 - Present

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