Katie Clark

Katie Clark

Title: Graduate Student 2010-2012


  • Master of Education (MEd) College Student Affairs Leadership - Grand Valley State University
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Supply Chain Management- Michigan State University

Publications & Presentations:


Development of a Veteran-Specific College Orientation Program to Assist with Transition Issues

Institutions of higher education strive to serve all populations of students on campus. Military veteran students are a unique population of students with needs that differ from any other student population. As a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan there has been an increase in the number of student veterans. Institutions must be willing to make changes and create programs in order to better serve this population of students. This project uses Schlossberg's transition theory as a framework for the development of a veteran-specific orientation program. The orientation program discussed is transferrable to institutions of any size. It is designed to address the needs of veteran students as they begin their journey through higher education. 


Michigan Academic Advising Association (MIACADA) - Outstanding Advisor-Graduate Student - 2012

Where is she now:

  • Academic Advisor, Department of Political Science at University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign - 2012 - Present



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