Outstanding Contribution in a Discipline Award


The basis for this award is clearly demonstrated research, scholarly, or creative accomplishment or service through professional organizations, i.e., significant contribution to one's discipline, documented as exceptional by professional peers or public acclaim according to one or more of the following specific criteria:

  • publication in professional media or performances or exhibitions as are equivalent for a given discipline
  • professional awards, prizes, or honors
  • unsolicited reviews by critics or peers
  • support received through competitive applications to funding agencies
  • impact on others in the discipline

The award may recognize a single, clearly exceptional accomplishment or a continued record of achievement. The award will be based primarily on accomplishments while a member of the GVSU CCPS faculty. Though the award may be repeated after five years, a second award will be based only on activities completed following the latest prior award to that recipient.

This award was created in 2007.

Guidelines   Nomination Form

Patrick Gerkin, 2019 Outstanding Contribution in a Discipline Award Recipient

2019 Outstanding Contribution in a Discipline Award Recipient
School of Criminal Justice

2007 - John Hewitt
2009 - Danny Balfour
2010 - Brian Johnson
2012 - Brian Kingshott
2013 - Christopher Kierkus
2016 - Brian Kingshott
2017 - Carrie Buist
2018 - John Walsh