Caldwell on eleven philanthropic trends

Caldwell on eleven philanthropic trends

On January 18, Kyle Caldwell, executive director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, joined Shelly Irwin on WGVU’s Morning Show. (Listen to the podcast.) Caldwell discussed the Johnson Center report: 11 Philanthropic Trends for 2017 . The eleven trends he enumerated are:

  1. Growth in the Number of Foundations
  2. Increasing Focus on Place-Based Work and Systems Change
  3. Perception “Growth of Number of Nonprofits”
  4. Funders and Nonprofits Show Increased Focus on Data and Measurable Progress
  5. Rising Wealth Concentration
  6. Generational Transition of Wealth and Leadership
  7. Social Movement Hashtags Propelling Philanthropy
  8. Political Change and Polarization
  9. Global Community Philanthropy
  10. Crowdfunding
  11. Fewer Traditional Infrastructure Funders

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