Community Engagement Infrastructure

The CCPS Strategic Plan

CCPS has designated a College-wide strategic planning area: "The College of Community and Public Service is a celebration and exemplar of community-engaged teaching, research and service." To support this area, the following objectives have been adopted:

  • At least 20% of academic courses incorporate community-based learning experiences.
  • 100% of tenure stream faculty members participate in one or more external community / professional relationships not including membership in an external professional organization within their discipline.
  • Community-engaged teaching, scholarship and service will be defined and recognized in the promotion and tenure of CCPS faculty.
  • Develop a performance-based budgeting model to manage cost-efficient resource allocations and support community engagement.
  • Each year, CCPS will assist its units in generating at least five items/events which (1) get positive attention or recognition external to GVSU, and (2) enhance our reputation for community engagement.

Strategic Plan

Other key activities

Several initiatives are taking place to advance community engagement within CCPS:

  • The College Personnel Committee is crafting appropriate language for tenure and promotion that will recognize community-based research as a valued scholarly activity.
  • The College Advisory Committee has created an appropriate recognition for teams that engage the Community.
  • SPNHA, SCJ and SSW are planning to join HTM in achieving official recognition as an engaged department.
  • The departments and College Curriculum Committee are to develop a cross-listed class with community engagement as its focus.

Emerging Community Engagement Initiative Award

The College Advisory Committee has established an "Emerging Community Engagement Initiative Award"  which recognizes community-based learning, scholarship and service that is exemplary in its efforts to design a strong two-way relationship of shared power and decision-making. The initiative itself is the award recipient, with an emphasis on the collective relationships as opposed to individual contributions. The initiative may be curricular or co-curricular or a combination of both.

2018 Emerging Community Engagement Initiative Award Recipient

Hospitality & Tourism Management -
Michigan Cares for Tourism

Civic Engagement Showcase

The Civic Engagement Showcase provides a lively forum for exchanging ideas and engaging in conversation with a diverse array of community partners and Grand Valley faculty, staff, and students who are actively involved in community-based projects. To learn more about the Showcase and it's history, please click here.

In addition to the traditional program, the event kicked off the implementation of a campus-wide Civic Action Plan, which was developed in response to President Haas' signing of the Campus Compact President's Declaration.  For more information about the new Civic Action Plan, click here