Enroll in 2022/23 MiRCLE program on outdoor experiential learning

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Are you interested in joining a diverse, interdisciplinary group of educators that are working to enhance your teaching of climate and land-use changes?  Would you like innovative teaching  tools to get your students outdoors  to evaluate your schoolyard's land use and climate resilience?  Join the Michigan Resources for Climate and Land-cover Change Education (MiRCLE) group to be a part of this growing community! 

Michigan Resources on Climate and Land Change Education (MiRCLE): Linking Virtual Data with Outdoor Hands-on Experience" is a project of the Climate Change Education Solutions Network sponsored by Michigan Space Grant Consortium . Launched in spring 2020, the MIRCLE team has been working with a team of over 30 teachers across the state developing lesson plans and classroom projects integrating educational assets from NASA (e.g. NASA Earth Observatory, NASA Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet, My NASA Data, NASA Wavelength, and the GLOBE Program) and other online resources (Google Earth, I-Trees, Michiganview, EnviroAtlas, webinars with climate experts, and video presentations . Designed as an online teaching and learning community, MIRCLE provides Michigan-specific place-based interdisciplinary resources  teachers integrating online materials   and hands-on activities with to Michigan Science Standards (MSS) and Social Studies Standards. This interdisciplinary program  is relevant for science, social studies, and humanities teachers, interested to explore climate change and land-use changes through the lenses of environmental equity and justice in their communities. In 2022/23 we plan to integrate MiRCLE digital datasets and online tools with in-person and virtual outdoor experiential learning activities for 6-12-grade students. Examples include virtual outdoor activities, in-person fieldtrips enhanced with digital tools and data, and hands-on activities on GVSU campus, such as GIS Day and Climate Change Education Solutions Summit 2022.

MIRCLE 2022-23 project includes series  webinars, online data and course materials, virtual field-trips, videos,  small-group discussions, and on-demand  meetings with GVSU faculty and MIRCLE training team. 

This program, delivered fully online in a flexible self-paced format a kickoff virtual workshop at GVSU Climate Change Education Solution Summit 2022, monthly webinars and small-group discussions, access to user-friendly online datasets, and examples of virtual outdoor activities for students. Through your participation in MiRCLE, you will be guided in generating project data and curriculum ideas for your classroom that utilize the tools and knowledge that you have gained as a part of this experience. Sign up today - spots in this program are limited!



Registration for 2022-23 school year is now open. Click here to register.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Prof. Elena Lioubimtseva at [email protected]

For more information about MiRCLE classroom resources, please visit https://www.gvsu.edu/cces/mircle-46.htm 

MiRCLE is envisioned as a project using GVSU-based Climate Change Education Solutions Network (CCESN) as its logistical interdisciplinary platform (www.gvsu.edu/cces).

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