Employer Fair Information

About Virtual Fairs

We will be working with Career Fair Plus to host our upcoming virtual career fair.

  • Meet candidates in virtual environments, including video, audio or text chat rooms.  
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings to virtually screen candidates & receive resumes
  • Schedule group meetings to host info sessions or candidate Q&A for multiple participants
  • No travel required!

Pricing & Registration

  • For-Profit Organization - $250
  • Non-Profit Organization - $150
  • Sponsor - $750
  • Lead Sponsor - $1500


Register Here by March 7


Career Fair Plus Employer Training Video

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Career Fair Plus Information

Fair Timeline & To Dos

  1. Ensure *.careerfairplus.com is added to allowed email domain
  2. Receive Career Fair Plus platform email invitation
  3. Click on email link to create Career Fair Plus account/profile (instructions)
    • Please note, this is a single-use link and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Review/edit profile details (how to video)
  5. Register for a weekly Career Fair Plus training webinars held every Tuesday and Thursday
February 22: Employer Scheduling Begins
  1. Create 1:1 meeting schedules and/or group schedules (what's the difference?)
  2. Create 1:1 meeting schedules for teammates (how to video)
    • We recommend starting with 1-3 schedules and increasing from there based on demand
  3. Invite colleagues/representatives to create Career Fair Plus accounts (how to video)
  4. Modify/customize the timing of your schedules to suit preferences before the scheduling window opens to candidates (how to video)
  5. Ensure proper interaction type listed in schedules
    • Career Fair Plus built-in meeting room, external link (Zoom, Skype, etc.) or phone number

Join the Virtual Employer Training via Zoom on March 2 at 9 am. We will provide a walk through of the Career Fair Plus system, as well as share best practices to ensure you have a successful career fair experience.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

  1. Candidates begin booking meetings with you in Career Fair Plus
  2. Monitor your schedule - add, delete, or modify schedule times as needed (here's how)
  1. Login to your account and view your meetingsĀ 
  2. Export your schedule (how to video)
  3. Block off any times that are still available to allow for breaks (how to video)
  4. Check Your Technology!
    • Make sure you can join your meeting rooms through Career Fair Plus's built-in video (how to video)
    • Change to an external link or phone number if issues persist
    • What to do if you get an error accessing our page (link)
    • What to do when your network is blocking access (link)
  1. Join the Employer Pre-Launch Zoom Meeting at 1:30 pm for full instructions (and visit your Employer Relations Team!)
  2. Check Your Technology!
    • If your schedule is utilizing Career Fair Plus built-in video meeting rooms,simply click the link to join your video room and wait for candidates to enter for their meetings (how to video)
    • If your schedule is not utilizing Career Fair Plus built-in video meeting rooms, you will connect with your candidates via the interaction type given on the schedule
    • What to do if you get an error accessing our page (link)
    • What to do when your network is blocking access (link)
  3. Download the Career Fair Plus app on another device to use alongside the desktop app to add private notes and/or ratings for your candidates.The app also has an integrated timer to help you stay on track
  4. Monitor Your Schedules - the student scheduling window will be open throughout the duration of the fair, which allows for candidates to schedule meetings with you until 6 pm. Be sure to monitor your schedules consistently to ensure you are present for all scheduled meetings. If you would like to ensure times for breaks or will not be available during a specific time frame, please block of those times on your schedule (how to video)
  5. Export notes/ratings at the end of the fair (how to video)
  1. Follow up with ALL candidates you met with
  2. Download resumes for all candidates who had scheduled meetings with you. From the Fair Dashboard, click on Manage Meetings & Schedules and open the Candidates tab. From there, click on Export Candidates List to download a file with all the candidate profiles and resume links
  3. Schedule Interviews (here's how)

Additional Career Fair Plus Resources

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to commonly asked questions.

Attend a Career Fair Plus Webinar
Attend a Career Fair Plus Webinar

Register for a training webinar held every Tuesday and Thursday

Have questions or need more information about the Career & Internship Fair? Contact the Employer Relations Team at careers@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-6708.