Take Action

Once you have determined who you are, what you can do, and where you see yourself - it’s time to act! Here are some ways to test out your short- and long-term career plans:

Use Your Summer Wisely

Using the summer months to progress your academic and career goals is a great use of time. Here are a few ideas on some effective ways to utilize your summer if you're not quite ready for an internship or semester abroad.

  • Find summer employment within your field of interest. It doesn't have to be directly related, but even something that provides you with exposure to a certain industry is a great starting place (ie: thinking about engineering, try getting a job on an assembly line...Thinking about going into natural resources, look at parks and recreation seasonal jobs)
  • Consider taking summer classes- here at GVSU or at your hometown community college
  • Volunteer- this is a great way to test out industries and professions; meet new people and develop professional contacts; and add to your resume
  • Conduct Job Shadows/Informational Interviews- these are great ways to hear first hand from professionals about what a day in the life looks like. It's also an easy way to start making professional contacts in your fields of interest.


Page last modified June 26, 2018