Resumes and Cover Letters

The CareerLab is a great place to drop-in and get to work on your resume, cover letter, and other application materials. If you prefer an individual appointment, please log into Handshake, and select Appointments under the Career Center tab on the top toolbar. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling 616-331-3311.

Effective resumes get noticed because they:

  • Emphasize relevant accomplishments and potential contributions
  • Focus on the skills necessary in a particular field 
  • Are concise, well-organized, easy to read, and look polished and professional
  • Grab the reader’s attention by listing the most relevant information toward the top
  • Are designed well, and have a good balance of white space and text


What does NOT belong on a resume:

  • Reference list: This should be on a separate sheet UNLESS your resume is two pages and you have room left on the second page.
  • Salary history/expectations: This will be discussed in a later interview or in a job offer setting.
  • Irrelevant personal information: Do not include age, marital status, religion, national origin, Social Security number, or health status.
  • Photograph: Though you may think this will make you more memorable, some companies cannot accept resumes with photos due to Equal Opportunity Employment (EOE) regulations.


Page last modified January 14, 2019