Schedule your on-campus interview with employers:

  1. When exploring LakerJobs, hover over the top menu item, “On-Campus Interviews”. 
  2. The first menu option - “Sign-up for Interviews I qualify for” - will bring you to a page which displays ONLY the on-campus interviews for which you meet the screening criteria set by the employer. The second menu option - “VIEW ALL Upcoming Interviews (view only) - will bring you to a page which lists ALL upcoming on-campus interviews regardless of the employer's screening criteria. Please note that to sign up for an interview, you must first select the “Sign-up for Interviews I qualify for” menu item.
  3. When you find a position of interest, click on the Job Title, then click “Request Interview” and submit the required documents (you’ll need to upload your resume/cover letter and any supplemental materials first – do this by clicking the “My Account My Documents” tab on the top toolbar).
  4. For Preselect Schedules, you will receive an email if you have been selected to interview. Click “My Account My Activity” on the top toolbar to sign up for an interview slot and to view/manage all of your on-campus interview information. Open Schedules will allow you to sign up any time before the schedule’s close date.

If you are interested in a particular employer who is interviewing on campus, you can also search for that employer by name by clicking on the “Employer Search” tab on the top toolbar and looking at their available positions.

Page last modified July 2, 2014