Modern and classical languages

Manfred Tatzmann '70

Manfred Tatzmann '70

Interest Area(s)
Business Administration, German

Lit Assistant Anoka-Hennepin ESL Program

1. Tell us about your journey since graduation.
Although former Prof. Marvin Devries tried his best to make a capitalist out of me, my career was spent helping people primarily in the fields of mental and intellectual disabilities. Also, setting up programs for seniors (RSVP & AAA's); and for children in need. I was lucky to be instrumental or at the forefront of setting up programs for persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries, especially returning veterans; both in Michigan and California. For the last ten years, in my "retirement," I have been able to teach adult immigrants from all over the world this crazy language we call American English. Notwithstanding, after a thirty-five-year absence, I found my now wife again, the former Outstanding Alumni, Maria E. Marino. Sorry Professor, you really tried!

2. Share a favorite Grand Valley memory.
Experiencing the wild late 60's Viet Nam era on campus. TJC, although I was not part of it. Being a co-founder of WGVSU radio with two other students. We had a studio in the basement of Seidman and ran it over the cable throughout campus. We got a kick out of getting angry calls from Allendalites when that "awful" 60's music we played, like Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida, bled from our cable into their phone lines. Hearing that, instead of the regular signal.

3. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Still waiting for it!

4. List three words you would use to describe your Grand Valley experience.
Fun Educational Maturing

5. What difference would you like to make in the world?
I know through my work over more than four decades I have helped many people and continue to do so. Over time I have taken great pride when someone accuses me of being an "activist;" and continue to do so. Thank you, GVSU!

April 2021

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