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It's okay to be exploring your major. However, it is helpful to begin taking steps to identify what you're interested in, good at, and is important to you. Just get started!

Exploring majors

Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Check out over 200 majors.
  • Start by crossing off majors you would NOT like to pursue.  
  • A career counselor can help you work from there to narrow down your options based on your interests, skills, and abilities.

Identify your interests, skills and values

  • Career assessments can help to identify these.
  • Check out Pathway U, a free online career assessment.
  • A career counselor can meet with you to discuss your results and help you with your career plan.
Career Guides by Major

See what other GVSU students are doing with their major by exploring our Career Guides

  • Participate in the Virtual W.O.W. Career Exploration Program, a fun and engaging program will allow you to expand your professional network and experience the “virtual” World of Work. Meet with employers of your choosing, discover career opportunities, and learn more about professional work environments.
  • Take the US 102 Career Exploration Course (1 credit). This class is not required, but is recommended for exploring students and will guide you through your major and career planning.
  • Check out the website What Can I Do with This Major and our Career Guides to learn about career opportunities.
  • Watch Candid Career videos to hear interviews from professionals in over 200 occupations
  • Attend the Majors Fair to talk with advisors and faculty members from all the majors on campus.
  • Just a reminder, it’s ok to be exploring.  Meet with your academic advisor to identify classes that can help you explore a major. As you learn about majors and careers you will be able to narrow down your options

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