Retrieving Information from LakerJobs

The GVSU Career Center is excited to announce that we are transitioning from LakerJobs to a new online job posting and event management system called Handshake on June 19, 2018. Handshake is similar to LakerJobs, but is more user-friendly, offers a mobile platform and recommends jobs based on your interests, major and skills.

In order to ensure the most successful transition to Handshake, we ask that you complete the following steps before we go live on June 19, 2018:

  1. Log into your LakerJobs profile using your GVSU network ID.
  2. In your LakerJobs Documents section, download Resumes, Cover Letters, References and any other documents you may need.
    1. Hover over My Account in the menu bar and select My Documents.
    2. Click the blue View link under Action for each document you would like to save.
    3. Save your document in a location you can access outside of LakerJobs.
  3. Review My Activity and copy any application information into a file you can access outside of LakerJobs