GVSU Career Contact Bank

Would you like to learn more about a particular career field, company or job function? Are you ready to begin developing and leveraging your professional network? Then join the GVSU Career Contact Bank, a searchable listing of over 1,500 alumni professionals and employer partners who have offered to provide career advice and informational interviews to current students and fellow graduates.

The Career Contact Bank is a group on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. Students and alumni of Grand Valley must have/create a profile on LinkedIn, then may request to join the GVSU Career Contact Bank group. Access to the groups is free, completely optional, and available only to approved members of the GVSU community.

Be Resourceful

LinkedIn is all about helping people identify viable business connections. If you're not finding the exact connection you are looking for in the contact bank - get creative! Don't be afraid to post a discussion asking for referrals; chances are someone will be able to provide a valuable recommendation.

New to LinkedIn?

If you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile, the following are great resources to help you get started!

Page last modified January 14, 2019