Virtual Career, Internship, and Summer Job Fair

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Explore various career fields and meet with employers looking to hire for internship, summer and full-time opportunities in a virtual environment! 

  • Sign up for 1:1 meetings with representatives to introduce yourself and express interest in a position. These are on a first-come, first-served basis!
  • During the fair, find the employers hosting drop-in rooms, then join in and ask questions, learn more about the organization, opportunities, and various career paths.
  • Career Explorers – explore various career paths and build your professional networks by meeting with employers interested in engaging with you. Filter the employer list by “open to career explorers.”

Do this all from the comfort of your room! No lines, no travel, no parking hassle!

Fair Timeline

February 22


Browse the GVSU Virtual Career, Internship & Summer Job Fair 2021 


March 8

Scheduling is open! You will need an active account to schedule 1:1 meetings with employers (this includes an uploaded resume). To set up an account, click here. Then, click Login in the right-hand corner. Click Sign up to create your account.

March 8 - 18


Stop into the Virtual CareerLab to get your materials ready and career fair questions answered.


March 17

Check your tech and make sure you can access your meeting rooms. You'll receive email confirmations for any scheduled meetings.

March 18

Fair day! Put that preparation to use!


March 19+

Be sure to follow up with the employers you interacted with.


How to Prepare

Before the Fair

  • Get Ready - Attend prep events and Virtual CareerLab to get tips on resumes, what to wear, how to prepare, what to expect and more
  • Do your research – Check out the list of attending employers and figure out which organizations you are interested in and spend time doing some research on them. What information does their website or Handshake have? What types of positions do they have available?  How do your skills and experiences match what they’re looking for?
  • Register and schedule - Before the fair, create an account on Career Fair Plus. You'll then be able to schedule individual meetings with employers you want to talk with during the event. Some employers will also be accepting drop-ins the day of, but schedule in advance to secure your preferred time.
  • Develop questions - Narrow down your list of organizations then list some questions you would like to ask the representative at the fair.
  • Prepare an introduction - Having a polished 30-second or less speech to introduce yourself to the employer will help you to initiate conversation.  In your introduction, you should include your name, major/minor(s), year in school, career goals, and why you are interested in the particular organization.
  • The day before the fair - log into your Career Fair Plus account and check the interaction type listed under the schedule for each of your meetings. 
    • If it says Video Meeting: The meeting will take place on the integrated video meeting platform. Click Join Meeting from one of your scheduled meetings and test the video and mic. You may need to grant/request permissions if is the first time you are using the platform
    • If it doesn't say Video Meeting: Check the interaction type to see if it's a phone call or external link (Zoom, Skype, etc). If there are additional instructions, it will be provided for you.
    • You will also receive an email the day before the fair with reminders of your upcoming meetings along with links to the video meeting rooms. These are accessible through your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Day of the Fair

  • Check your Tech - Make sure the technology you're using for the event is working properly before joining. If you are having technical difficulty, visit the Virtual Candidate Help Desk
  • Professional Background - You'll have the option of having your camera on or off. If it's on, ensure you are professionally dressed and have a professional background. Having a light on in front of you rather than behind also makes you more visible.
  • Be on time - Get to your scheduled meetings on time. Some employers will let you schedule meetings the day of the fair or will be hosting drop-in rooms. Be sure to take advantage of these if your schedule allows. 
  • Engage! Put all that preparation to work. Introduce yourself with the intro you practiced, ask the questions you've prepared, and listen. Remember, this is a conversation, so be yourself. The amount of time you have with each employer may vary, so be sure to put it to good use.
  • Track names for follow-up - It is always a good idea to keep track of the individual you spoke with in each session. This will allow you to follow up with that individual in the future.
  • Stop into the Ask Me Room- If you're unsure of who to talk to or what employers fit your area, visit the Ask Me Room/Virtual Candidate Help Desk. There are advisors on hand who can help answer any questions you may have.

After the Fair

  • Follow up - Did you establish new professional contacts at the Career Fair? Stay connected using LinkedIn or follow up from the names you collected. Learn how by attending a LinkedIn workshop. Interviewing & Networking Resources