Donate or Request A Meal


The Laker Meal Share Program helps support students in times of hardship by providing meals to meet immediate needs. Campus Dining and the Dean of Students Office have teamed up to help create the Laker Meal Share Program. This program allows GVSU meal plan users to contribute guest meal swipes from their meal plan each semester. Contributed meals go into a pool that can be used to provide access to Campus Dinning for students who might otherwise go hungry.

Meal swipes from meal plans are contributed by the campus community and given out on an as-needed basis. Contributions and requests are accepted during fall and winter semester. 


Donate a Meal

If you have a meal plan, you can donate dinning dollars to support students with immediate food needs. $10 dollars = 1 donated meal to the meal share program. 

An important note, faculty/staff can use their Dining Dollars that have been purchased but can not use any "Bonus" funds they received from Campus Dining as part of LTO promotions. 


Request a Meal

If you are in immediate need of a meal and don’t have an active meal plan, you are welcome to submit a request for meals starting Jan 17, 2021 - April 29, 2021. Upon completion of your request, someone from the Laker Meal Share program will review your request and may authorize a certain number of meals to your Student ID Card for use at Kleiner. Approval and assignment is based upon need and availability of donated meals. Please note: Only currently-enrolled students are eligible for the Laker Meal Share program.

Submit a Meal Request

Other Food Resources For Students

Please also be aware of several other food resources both on and off campus.

Replenish is our campus food resource which provides food and personal care items to help meet student needs. It is located on the Allendale Campus at 074 Kirkhof Center and on the Health Campus at 353 Cook DeVos Center for Health. 

Michigan Food Assistance (SNAP/Bridges) are a federally funded program that provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of those in need. Students who meet eligibility rules might be eligible for SNAP to help buy groceries.

St. Luke University Parish Food Pantry Twice a month on Thursday afternoon, St. Luke University Parish hosts a Food Pantry for GVSU students. 

Love, Inc is a local Allendale organization that allows individuals to apply for a weekly food basket. 

Downtown Pantry - Community Food Pantry near our downtown campus.



If you have questions about the Laker Meal Share program, contact Emily First, Student Support Manager, at

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