Health Insurance & Billing

Grand Valley State University does NOT require you to have health insurance, but it is strongly encouraged. We think it is important that students have comprehensive health coverage so you can stay healthy and achieve your educational goals. Please be aware that the University's liability insurance program does not cover injury or sickness sustained by a student; even if these activities result from class or group participation activities such as intramural sports, theater, etc. We encourage you to review your medical insurance coverage to assure that it is adequate.

The GVSU Campus Health Center bills all major health insurance plans and will bill services provided to your insurance. If you have any questions about the insurance plans we accept, please contact us at (616) 252-6030.

Student Options

Health insurance is NOT a requirement at GVSU (with the exception of international students), but strongly recommended. If you do not have coverage, we'd like you to consider the following program or one of your choice.

Students can receive care regardless of their insurance status. If a patient does not have insurance, they can receive a 40% discount on their services.

Domestic Students

GVSU works with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to offer a plan on a voluntary basis to full- and part-time domestic students with excellent benefits. Students can choose the PPO or HMO plan. 

If you wish to be covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan, enroll on their website

If you are interested other available plans, visit the Grand Valley State University private health insurance exchange

International Students

You are automatically enrolled in a health insurance program through the Padnos International Center. Please contact the Padnos International Center at (616) 331-3898, via e-mail, or visit their site about Healthy Living for questions or more information on your insurance plan. 

Metro Health Billing Options

Metro Health works with you to put your health and well-being first, no matter what your financial situation. Patients can be set up with Care Payment, which allows payments with 0% interest and nothing due at time of service. Patients also receive a 40% discount if they do not have ANY insurance. A Care Manager is available at the Metro Health-Allendale location, who works with students who do not have insurance. 

Visit the Metro Health website for more information about billing options.

Page last modified March 25, 2019