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The Business and Finance office would like to request that you continue to email your T&E forms to us at instead of sending via intercampus mail. We continue to work primarily remotely and it may delay processing if we only receive a paper copy.

How to submit a T&E Reimbursement electronically

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University Travel FAQ's
University Travel FAQ's

Be sure to check out the list of FAQ's related to travel.  We update this on a regular basis, so the most common questions can be quickly answered!

Technology Purchases May Not Be Reimbursable!
Technology Purchases May Not Be Reimbursable!

GVSU Policy requires most technology purchases to be made through the Technology Supply Office.  Please see the policy for details. 

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Travel Resources

Travel Policy & Procedures
The Travel and reimbursement Policy for University faculty and staff is located in the "Policies of the President's Cabinet".

*** Travel & Expense Exceptions ***
The following items will require Vice President/Executive Officer approval if your Dean or Appointing Office agrees to ask for the exception:

  1. Expenses with no original receipts
  2. Meals (including the tip) that exceed per diem rates
  3. Staff meals - meal expense for any GVSU staff member other than yourself
  4. Alcohol purchases

Travel & Expense Guidelines
This document provides an "at-a-glance" view of current mileage and per diem rates, some general guidelines and a mileage chart with distances to most of our campus locations and other common Michigan destinations.

Taxable Meals
If you are unsure about whether or not a meal meets the criteria for reimbursement and/or if it will be considered taxable by the IRS, you might find this document helpful.

Business Purpose
This document is designed to help you determine whether or not an expense qualifies for tax-free reimbursement and how to document the expense on your reimbursement requests.

Forms for Submitting Expense Reimbursement Requests
Utilization of the appropriate forms, current reimbursement rates and obtaining necessary approval signatures will all contribute to a faster reimbursement.

Expense Types
This is an "at-a-glance" guide to the types of expenses allowable for reimbursement and whether or not a receipt is required.

Booking University Travel
GVSU had teamed up with Egencia to provide easy to use online booking for your University travel.

Travel Advances & Travel Advance Reconciliations
Procedures for requesting a travel advance and the necessary forms can be found in section 311 of the Business & Finance Procedures ManualPlease note: a minimum of five (5) business days should be allowed for processing.  All travel advances are required to be reconciled within 15 days of the end of travel. See section 311.1 for details.