University Business Travel Guidance

CDC Travel Guidance currently indicates that the risk of becoming infected and spreading COVID-19 increases with travel. The best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick is to avoid all non-essential travel.


  • Travel: Travel includes movement from any GVSU campus, to any other community. It does not include commuting to or from work, or moving between campus locations to facilitate work that cannot be completed remotely.
  • Essential Travel: Travel required to support a critical university interest that cannot be postponed, and can only be completed in person. All other travel is considered non-essential.
  • Non-essential Travel: Travel not required to support a critical university interest, or which can be postponed or accomplished digitally. This includes, but is not limited to professional and educational conferences.


For business purposes:

  • Only travel deemed essential should be considered for approval.
  • Travel to High-Risk Locations should be avoided if possible.
  • Non-essential travel to domestic and international locations is prohibited.

Self-Quarantine Following Travel:

Following international travel, travelers are required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return. The need for quarantine should be discussed with supervisor prior to travel, and, if appropriate, arrangements made for remote-work during the period of quarantine.

Due to the ongoing changes in COVID-19 cases and transmission, travelers returning from domestic locations are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms.

Vehicular Travel:

Vehicular travel should include the following steps to reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19.

  • Completion of the GVSU daily self-assessment by all vehicle occupants is required.
    • The individual coordinating travel will confirm the presence of a confirmation screen indicating “Passed” for the date of travel for each person, prior to entering the vehicle.
  • Face coverings are required to be worn over the mouth and nose by all vehicle occupants for the duration of the trip. Exceptions include:
    • An individual who has been granted an accommodation by Disability Resource Services
    • Public safety transport of a detainee, when public safety officers are wearing N95 masks that have been fit tested.
  • Reduced vehicle occupancy is strongly recommended to facilitate social distancing to the extent possible.
    • Facilities Services will determine occupancy capacity for each vehicle type in the GVSU motor pool.
    • When a distance of six feet between occupants isn’t possible, space between occupants will be maximized by:
      • Facing the same direction
      • Staggering seating locations
      • Sitting in alternate rows
  • Increased air circulation in the vehicle is strongly recommended, to the extent allowed by weather conditions. This includes partially or fully opening windows, and circulating outside air for air conditioning.
  • Washing hands using soap/water or cleaning with hand sanitizer is required prior to entering the vehicle, and upon arrival at the destination.  
  • An adequate supply of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and tissues will be provided by the event coordinator, based upon the number of vehicle occupants.
  • When transporting an individual with known or suspected COVID-19, the driver may be the only other occupant in the vehicle, and must wear a N-95 mask, that has been properly fit tested. The individual being transported must wear a cloth face covering.

Managing Travel Risks:

Some modes of travel may make social distancing difficult, increasing risk for COVID-19.

When considering university travel deemed essential for groups, use of the GVSU Group Travel Risk Assessment Tool is encouraged to identify with planning.   

Individuals approved for essential travel are strongly encouraged to review and follow the CDC’s guidance which can be found below:

Considerations for Travelers

Protecting Yourself When Using Transportation



Type of Travel                                        Approval                                  Notification of Quarantine Dates

International business travel                   Executive Officer                      Appointing Officer & Direct Supervisor

Domestic out of state business travel     Appointing Officer                    Direct Supervisor

Instate business travel                            Appointing Officer                    N/A – quarantine not required