Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel & Expense FAQ's

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel & Expense FAQ's


  1.  Can I get reimbursed for Trip Insurance?
    1. No.  We are not currently changing our policy surrounding this as the majority of trip insurance policies do not cover cancelling a flight out of a personal decision not to travel for anticipated medical concerns (whether you are cancelling or your event was cancelled for this reason).
    2. Here is a link to our Expense Types and what is reimbursable and what is not: Expense Type


  1. What should I do if my conference/event was cancelled by the organizer? 
    1. Attempt to get refunds wherever possible.  Most cancelled lodging and rental car reservation costs can be recovered.  If the event was cancelled by the organizer and lodging and rental costs are not recoverable, you will be reimbursed through normal processes.  Please attach your cancellation notice to your reimbursement request.
    2. Airline tickets already purchased/received are subject to airline/travel agency return regulations.  When applicable, the credit will be issued to the party having made payment.  Cancellation fees charged by the airline/travel agency are eligible for reimbursement.  When reimbursement has already been received for the cancelled trip, the traveler must reconcile this credit promptly with the Travel office, reach out to for assistance.
    3. Most airlines will not let you cancel your flight, but you may be able to change your flight or get a credit voucher for a future flight.
      1. If a voucher was received, the voucher must be used for University Business.
      2. Each department shall track vouchers to ensure they are used during your next booking.  We have created a tracking spreadsheet you can use or modify to fit your needs. It is available on the University Travel website.
      3. If you use this voucher for personal business, you must refund the University any reimbursement you received for that flight.
      4. Please go to your airline’s website to review their current policies as they are making some exceptions for trips being impacted by Coronavirus or to areas impacted by Corona virus.
    4. If an approved trip is cancelled by the organizer, and a Travel Advance was issued, the original check or a personal check must be returned promptly to the Accounting Office for deposit.
    5. If your conference fee was paid with your department purchasing card, check that statement to make sure the refund was processed.  If you paid for the conference fee with a personal credit card, then your personal credit card should get the refund.  If you had already been reimbursed by GVSU, then you must pay the University back.  Contact for more info.


  1. Are there restrictions on travel?


  1. What should I do if I’m not comfortable traveling as a result of Coronavirus?
    1. Avoid booking new, domestic work travel if travel is deemed non-essential or if you feel that you should not travel over Coronavirus concerns.  The University will be unable to reimburse you for personal travel-related cancellation decisions. 
    2. If travel is already booked, you may cancel your trip after consulting with your travel approval chain, subject to the cost recovery guidance noted above.  If you have been already reimbursed by GVSU for any part of a booked trip, that reimbursement shall be returned to GVSU; please reach out to for assistance.


  1. What if my travel situation is different or not covered in these FAQs?
    1. We recognize many scenarios may exist.  Please reach out to us and we’ll help you through your unique circumstances.  Contact with your question(s).


  1. May I be reimbursed for materials used for printing at my home office due to requirements to print and grade student materials?
    1. During normal operations, the purchase of printer ink and paper for home use is not reimbursable.  For the period of time that GVSU classes are held remotely, an exception to the expense reimbursement policy for the purchase of grading supplies will be authorized. Specifically, printer ink and printer paper will now be reimbursable in order to allow for faculty grading and feedback of student work.  Please keep quantities reasonable according to the workload. Where practicable, please use existing GVSU inventory for your paper and ink needs and Amazon Business anywhere possible for any additional remote supply needs. 


  1. How to submit a T&E electronically