Concur Training - Web PCard Reconciliation

Use Concur to reconcile your monthly PCard statements and receipts. Everything is stored electronically in the Concur system, there will be no need to keep paper files after your expense report is approved. 

PCard Reconciliation

This section covers how to reconcile your PCard charges using Concur. Please note, all of your PCard transactions are loaded into your account nightly. This PCard reconciliation in Concur replaces all actions in Smart Data.

Creating a PCard Reconciliation Expense Report | Accounting for Missing Receipts

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Creating a PCard Reconciliation Expense Report

1. On the new report header screen, fill in all of the required information (designated with a red asterisk). For the Report/Trip Purpose, select PCard.

Refer to the Creating an Expense Report guide for more information on filling out the report header.

2. Scroll down to the end of the report header and select whether you want to claim travel allowance. If you are only reconciling PCard transactions, select No. To learn more about claiming travel allowances, please see our Travel Allowance guide.

report header filled out
claim travel allowance no

3. Now that your expense report has been created, click Add Expense.

4. Your list of available expenses will appear. PCard expenses are automatically loaded into your Concur profile on a nightly basis.

add expense
available expenses

5. Check the boxes next to the expenses you want to add to the report. Click Add to Report.

6. You will see your list of expenses that have been added to your report. You can add expenses at any point before submitting your report by clicking Add Expense. Click on an expense to edit it.

select expenses
expense added to report

7. Any warnings and errors will appear at the top of your expense details screen. Depending on the expense, you will have more or less fields to edit. Some information automatically populates with each transaction. 

8. Fill out the required fields. For more information on writing a business purpose, please refer to our Business Purpose Quick Guide. Make sure to add a FOAP to the transaction. If you would like to split a transaction to multiple FOAPs, please refer to the Itemizing Transactions User Guide and Video. Click Attach Receipt Image to attach a receipt to the transaction.

expense details screen
required fields filled out

9. You can choose an available receipt from your receipt store or choose to upload a receipt image from your computer.

10. After you have added your receipt, click Save Expense. Any errors you had should go away if you filled in the correct information. 

attach receipt
save expense

11. You will be brought back to your expense report details screen. If you would like to add more expenses, click Add Expense. Once you are finished adding expenses to your report, click Submit Report.

expense added

Accounting for Missing Receipts

1. A receipt is required for all PCard transactions. Before declaring a missing receipt, please contact the vendor to try to obtain another copy of your receipt. If you are unable to obtain a copy of your receipt, you can declare a missing receipt on your expense report. Navigate to the expense report details screen.

2. Click Manage Receipts and select Missing Receipt Declaration. 

no receipt
missing receipt declaration

3. You will see a screen with all of your expenses assigned to this report. Read all of the information on this screen carefully before proceeding.

4. Select the expense that you are missing a receipt for. Click Accept & Create

select expense
expense selected

5. You will be brought back to your list of expenses. The stamp icon will appear next to transactions that you have declared a missing receipt for. You can click into the expense to view the Missing Receipt Affidavit.

6. The Missing Receipt Affidavit will display in the section that would normally display your receipt. 

declaration added to expense
missing receipt affidavit

Page last modified May 3, 2021