Concur Training - Mobile Uploading and Storing Receipts

Uploading Receipts to the Concur Mobile App

1. Open the Concur App on your phone and select the Receipt button at the bottom of the screen

2. Take a picture of the receipt or choose to upload one from your gallery. Note: you can take pictures of receipts on your phone and upload them to the app at any time.

3. If you choose to upload a picture from your phone's gallery, the app will ask your permission the first time you do it. The app will remember these permissions for future use.

4. Make sure that the receipt image is clear and all text is legible. Your receipt must include: 1) company name 2) itemized description 3) amount 4) date of purchase. If the picture is not legible, you can choose to retake the picture. Once you have a suitable picture of your receipt, press Done

concur app home screen
taking a pic of the receipt
allow use of camera gallery
review receipt and accept or retake

5. You can also upload a receipt that has multiple pages. Before taking the picture, press the button at the top of the camera screen to turn on Multi-Page mode. Then take a picture of the first page.

6. Click Add Page to add more pages to the receipt image. 

multi-page receipt mode
add page to receipt

Storing Receipts and Creating Expenses

1. Once you take a picture or upload a picture of your receipt, you can choose to either:

A. Put receipt in your RECEIPT STORE for use on an expense later. This is the recommended option if you will be assigning the receipt to a p-card transaction.

B. Create the NEW EXPENSE now. Recommended for out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Option A (recommended for p-card transactions) puts the receipt in your expense folder with no additional information attached to it.

3. Option B (recommended for out-of-pocket expenses) allows you to add additional details to the expense: amount, expense type, date, location, vendor, comment.

4. If you are using Option B to create an expense, fill out all of the fields and click Save.

choose receipt storage option
expense log
fill out expense info
expense info filled out

5. After you Save the expense, it will become available as an expense in your account that is ready to move to an expense report.

6. Once you are ready to move that expense to an expense report, click Move to Report.

expense in list
move to expense report

Page last modified April 15, 2021