Concur Training - Creating a Guest Expense Report

If you need to create an expense report to reimburse a University guest or student, follow the steps below.

1. On your Concur homepage, navigate to the Expense screen to create a new expense report

2. On the report header, select *GVSU Guest Policy from the Policy drop down menu

Create new report

Change guest policy

3. Changing the policy opens up the Guest Full Address field. Include ALL of the following information in this field:

  • Guest name
  • Address
  • G# (only for GVSU students)

4. Fill out the remaining fields as you normally would with other expense reports. Please visit our training page for Completing the Report Header for more information.

Guest full address

Report Header

Add Expenses as you would for yourself to the report and submit.

The report will route through your regular approval workflow.

The Guest Policy will flag the document to pay to the guest and not the individual that submitted the report.

IMPORTANT: Guest reports are only to be submitted for individuals outside GVSU and students. If you are trying to prepare a report on behalf of another GVSU employee, you must do so as a delegate.