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The time is now! We have heard you and are bringing T&E into the digital world!

We have chosen to partner with SAP Concur and Corporate Travel Planners. SAP Concur is the Leading Travel and Expense management tool in the world. We are thrilled to be partnered with them to bring new efficiencies to our Travel and Expense processes. 

Concur Update – May 7, 2021

  • The Concur production environment is up and running!  We have successfully sent through one transaction and are on our way to our first group of users going live (on May 17)! 
  • Our Travel and Expense Policies have been updated. Click here to view our current PolicyClick here to view our Policy effective July 1, 2021.    
  • An updated University Travel website is complete and is waiting for July 1 to be published -- NOTE: You need to continue submitting expense requests and reconciling P-cards the way you historically have through Fiscal Year End -- However, we wanted to give you a sneak peek.  Please do not try to log into Concur, but feel free to check out the new Concur training page and FAQ!
  • SVDC and Cash Advances will be going away on July 1, 2021.  We will be replacing both with a Declining Balance Debit Card.  There is information on the sneak peek website about this, but more information will be coming to those that use SVDC’s soon.
  • P-card reconciliations starting July 1 will be done in Concur and not in Smart Data!
  • Watch for official communications with information regarding signing up for training in the next few weeks!

Concur Update – March 19, 2021

  • The Rollout for Concur has been delayed slightly.  Our Timeline is now:
    • April 30 – receive the site from Concur
    • May 17 – a small pilot group will go live in the tool. This group is made up of users from our Pilot Test group
    • Training for campus will happen in May and June (with sessions available after go live and well into the next year)
    • July 1 – Go Live across Campus! All Travel booking, Expense Reports and Pcard reconciliations for everyone will need to happen within Concur.
  • The updated Travel Policy and Procedures have been approved by SLT!  They do not take effect until July 1 and will be posted in the near future, we will update this site with a link once they are.
  • The Pcard Policy is being revised to reflect the changes to the process. 
  • We will no longer be using the current Stored Value Debit Cards (SVDC) for the general university population. 
  • We are moving forward with a Declining Balance Card from Fifth Third Bank.  Watch for communications on this new card option! 
    • It will be available as a replacement to these options:
      • SVDC
      • Cash Advances
  • We are working on revamping this website!  Stay tuned for a better web experience!

Concur Update - January 25, 2021

  • Pilot Users from across campus are using and experiencing Concur first hand in our test environment.  We have representatives from all groups who have regular Travel, Expenditures or Pcard usage! 
    • The response from this group has been very good so far!
    • It’s easy to use, saves you time, automates the approvals for you (No more tracking people down for signatures!), allows users to do some of the legwork themselves.
  • Our updated Travel Policy is pending SLT review!  Stay Tuned for future communication!
  • We are reviewing P-card, Cash Advance and SVDC policies to align with our new efficiencies within Concur.
  • If you are a P-card user – this will replace SmartData for allocations! No more paperwork to send in to our office, it will all be electronic! Note:  There will be clear communication with cutover dates sometime in late March.
  • We will be delivering training in various ways.  We will schedule Zoom’s, some socially distanced In Person, videos and paper instructions.  Our Pilot Users will also become power users and go-to people within your departments!
  • Anticipated Go-Live is still mid-April!

Watch this Concur Expense Demo Video to get an idea of why we chose this product and what it will look like!

Concur Update - October 29, 2020

  • Concur is building our site right now!
  • Validation/testing of the site to begin early December 
  • Pilot Users will hear from Business & Finance in the next week for the Pilot Kickoff meeting
  • Anticipated transfer from Concur to GVSU in Mid-April! 
  • Another update will be posted in November

Here are some initial highlights to look forward to:

  • An integrated website and Mobile app for travel booking, expense reimbursement and P-card reconciliation
  • No more Paper forms!
  • Automated Compliance rules are built in to the Booking tool to ensure policy compliance
  • Dedicated Group Travel Agents for Athletics, Study Abroad programs and other group travel
  • Receipts will be stored electronically by simply snapping a picture with your phone
  • Expense reports will be created automatically from your bookings and forwarded for approval
  • We are actively reviewing policies and procedures and working with select groups across campus to ensure we meet your needs to ensure appropriate efficiencies!