Cancelled Events FAQ's for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FAQ for Cancelled Events


Q:  An outside vendor has cancelled an event and has issued a refund to me for an event I have already been reimbursed for. How do I return funds to GVSU?


  • Please return the uncashed check, or write a personal check, and send with a note explaining what the payment is for to:


    Grand Valley State University

    2015 JHZ

    1 Campus Dr

    Allendale, MI 49401


Q:  GVSU has canceled an event and owes refunds back to the participants.  How do we issue a refund?


  • If payment was processed via credit card online, the department would submit a Credit Card Request Refund via CC Admin. The department contact would log into CC Admin (link below) and under Actions, click View on the transaction(s) to be refunded.  Transactions can be filtered by date and descriptors.  Scroll down and verify amount to be refunded, supply Refund Reason, and click Submit.  The refund request will be automatically directed to the Bank Desk for processing.   Questions on departmental access to CC Admin should be directed to Institutional Marketing.  If multiple refunds are going to be required to be issued from the same transaction (i.e a partial refund has already been completed on a transaction), a form will need to be filled out and submitted to the Bank Desk.  This form can be found on the GVSU PCI website.  Link provided.  Any questions can be directed to Denise Doyle at the Bank Desk at ext. 12200 or submitted via email to

CC Admin

PCI website