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What is Banner?

What is Banner Admin?

What is Banner Self-Service

How do I get access to Banner Finance?

How do I get Banner training?

What is a FOAP?

How do I know what account code to use?

How can I check the status of my budget?

Forgot your password?

How do I get access, review and reconcile
my Labor Distribution Reports?


What is Banner?    
Banner is the system GVSU uses for the management of both academic and administrative/financial information.  We use both the Admin module and the Self Service versions of Banner.

Banner Admin     Log in to Banner Admin here
Banner Admin is primarily used by faculty and staff for data input and records management.  System ID and password are required for access to this system.

Self Service Banner     Log in to SS here
Self Service Banner (also referred to as MyBanner) is used by faculty, staff and students to access information, register for classes, manage personal profile information, manage administrative processes, and many other functions.  System ID and password are required for access to this system.

How do I get access to Banner Finance?
Faculty and staff members requiring access to the Banner Finance System should complete the Banner Finance Access Request Form under Accounting Forms and send it to Stacey Lefevre in the Controllers Office.  You can e-mail the completed/signed form to [email protected] or send it to Stacey's attention at 2015 Zumberge Hall.  If you have any questions while completing the form, you can contact Stacey at (616) 331-2892.  Please note: Supervisor approval is required to obtain access to the Banner Finance System.

Who do I contact for Banner Finance training?
Once you have been given access to Banner Finance, the basic training is done by a member of our Controller's Office.  You can sign up for Banner & OnBase Finance Users Training on Sprout at  If your position requires you to prepare requisitions for purchases being made by your department, you may want to contact the Procurement Services Office at (616) 331-2280 and arrange for your Banner Requisition training to be done when you come to our office for your Banner Finance training.

What is a F O A P?
The Chart of Accounts is the numbering system used by Banner to capture financial transactions and facilitate retrieval of information for financial reporting.  FOAP is the acronym we use in Banner Finance for the components of this numbering system.  
F = Fund: A six-digit code identifying the source that the dollars are associated with
O = Organization: A five-digit code identifying what department the funds are associated with
A = Account: A four-digit code identifying the type of expense/revenue
P = Program: A three-digit code for the classification of transactions for HEIDI reporting

How do I know what account code to use?
If you're unsure what account code you should use when processing an expense or revenue, you can use these handy guides to determine which would be most appropriate...
Commonly Used Banner Expense Codes
Commonly Used Banner Revenue Codes

How do I check the budget status of a FOAP I am responsible for?
If you would like to obtain information regarding the status of a budget account you have access to, you can do so using either Banner Admin or Self-Service Banner.  The instructions for each type of query are below:
Banner Admin Budget Status Procedures (Coming Soon)
Self Service Budget Status Procedures
How to Download the Expenses For My FOAP to Excel

I forgot my password for Banner!
The IT Service Desk can assist you if you have forgotten your password for Banner Admin or Self Service Banner.  You can call them at (616) 331-2101 or e-mail [email protected].

How can I get access, review and reconcile my Labor Distribution Reports?
Labor Distribution Reports contain highly confidential information, and access must be approved and requested by Direct Supervisors or Appointing Officers.  The request is sent to the Financial Assurance staff in the Business & Finance Office, currently Stacey Lefevre.  Once authority to grant access has been confirmed, The Financial Assurance staff will contact IT requesting that they add Labor Distribution reports to the access for the staff member.

Once access to Labor Distribution Reports has been granted, please review the "Labor Distribution 101" guide that has been created.  This document contains the steps to accessing the report, and provides several tips for reviewing and reconciling these reports.

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