Position Information

Overview of Position Types, Position Ranges, Required Forms & Department Contacts
The University Budgets office is responsible for issuing new position numbers. This link will open a file containing an overview of position types, required forms and departmental contacts.

Check for Existing Position Number
If you are preparing to add a position, please check to see if an appropriate position number already exists for the FOAP that will be funding the position (you will need the Fund and Org codes for this.)

Requesting a New Position Number

Permanent Staff, Affiliate or Visiting Faculty & 12 Month Adjunct AP
If the position is for a permanent staff, affiliate or visiting faculty, or 12 month Adjunct AP, please refer to the HR Website for more information.

Temporary, Student & Other Pooled Positions
If the position is a Temporary, Student or other pooled position, and a position number does not exist, please complete the Position Number Request Form and submit it to the University Budgets Office in 2015 JHZ (fax 331-3287) or e-mail it to Susan Genton at gentons@gvsu.edu.  Please see the HR Website for information regarding the approval process for non-student Temporary Positions.

Borrowed Faculty/Staff
If you have a faculty member who teaches a course outside of their "home" department, and that course is considered part of their regular workload, you will need to complete the Borrowed Faculty/Staff form to re-distribute that portion of their compensation to the other department.  In certain cases, this form may also be used to reallocate compensation related to Grant Releases; contact your Grant Accountant to see if this applies to your situation.  Any requests related to grant FOAP's will be reviewed by the Grant Accounting Office.