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Find out if we have an existing position number for our FOAP?

To request a Position Number for a
Permanent Employee?

Adjunct 12 Month Employee or Visiting Faculty?
Temporary or Student Employee?
 (see Position Number Request Form under Helpful Links)

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Position Number Descriptions and Ranges

Review my budget using:
Banner Internet Native?    
Banner Self Service?

For help understanding my department budget?

General Fund Budget

GVSU Annual Financial Statements

Tell the difference between Base Budget & Working Budget?

To request a Budget Transfer?
Base Budget Transfer
Working Budget Transfer

GVSU Finance & Administration Website

Determine if I need to request a Base Budget transfer and/or a Working Budget transfer?

If wages are incorrectly charged to my FOAP?

GVSU Business & Finance Website

Determine if I need to do a Budget transfer or a Journal Entry transfer?

Questions regarding ePrint Reports (e.g. Budget Status, Labor Distribution, Organization Detail, etc.)

State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget

Request a Budget transfer?

How do I get access, review and reconcile my Labor Distribution Reports?


How Do I Tell The Difference Between Base Budget & Working Budget?
The original budget loaded into Banner at the beginning of the fiscal year may include both base and working budget.

Base Budget is the permanent annual budget that is recurring from year to year.  There are three ways the base budget may be adjusted:

  1. As a specific budget addition or reduction approved by the Budget Committee.  Approved budget requests are communicated to the appropriate budget managers prior to the start of the fiscal year.
  2. Budget adjustments for salaries and fringe benefits.  These adjustments are built into the base budget at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  3. Base budget transfers, requested and approved by budget managers.  These are changes to the permanent, recurring budget.

Working Budget is the sum of the original budget for the fiscal year plus any budget changes that affect the current year only.  Working budget amounts are typically for things like the purchase of equipment, temporary staffing or a one-time event.  The working budget may be adjusted as follows:

  1. As one-time funding included in the original budget at the beginning of the fiscal year.  These are requests that have been submitted and approved by the Budget Committee.  Approved working budget requests are communicated to the appropriate budget managers prior to the start of the fiscal year.
  2. As one-time working budget transfers, requested and approved by budget managers.  These are temporary changes to the current year budget loaded into Banner.

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How Do I Determine If I Need to Request a Base Budget Transfer and/or a Working Budget Transfer?

  • Budget changes affecting only the current fiscal year require a working budget change request.
  • Base budget changes that begin during the current fiscal year require both a base and working budget change request.
  • Base budget changes affecting only future fiscal years require a base budget change request.

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How Do I Determine If I Need to Request a Budget Transfer or a Journal Entry Transfer?
Budget transfers can only be made within General Fund FOAPs (Fund Code 110000) and are used to shift budgeted funds between expense categories within one General Fund or from one General Fund FOAP to another to properly match budget to expense.

Journal Entry transfers are used to move expenses from one FOAP to another; for example, when an expense is charged to the incorrect FOAP.  A Journal Entry transfer can also be used when funding needs to be transferred between a General Fund FOAP and a Non-General Fund FOAP.

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How Do I Request a Budget Transfer?

Budget transfer requests may be submitted in one of three ways:

  1. Complete and submit the Budget Transfer Request Form
  2. Complete the Budget Transfer Request using OnBase
  3. E-Mail the appropriate person in the Budget Office

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Who Do I Contact if Wages Were Incorrectly Charged to My FOAP?

If the salary needs to be charged to or moved from a grant FOAP, you will need to contact your Grant Accountant.  They will make sure expenses are moved and charged appropriately based on the grant specifications.  If you're not sure who your Grant Accountant is, contact the Business Office at 331-2233.

For any non-grant FOAP, please refer to the Position Number Information Sheet and contact the appropriate Budget Office staff member based on the type of position.

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How do I access, review and reconcile my Labor Distribution Reports?

Labor Distribution Reports contain highly confidential information, and access must be approved and requested by Direct Supervisors or Appointing Officers.  The request is sent to the Financial Assurance staff in the Business & Finance Office, currently Stacey Lefevre.  Once authority to grant access has been confirmed, The Financial Assurance staff will contact IT requesting that they add Labor Distribution reports to the access for the staff member.

Once access to Labor Distribution Reports has been granted, please review the "Labor Distribution 101" guide that has been created.  This document contains the steps to accessing the report, and provides several tips for reviewing and reconciling these reports.

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