Faculty and Staff Successes, January 2017

January 19, 2017

Jeremiah Cataldo, Associate Professor in the Honors College, gave a presentation, “Victimized Colonizers: New 13 as an Autotelic Narrative for the Syrian Refugee Experience?” at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.   

Azfar Hussain, Associate Professor in Liberal Studies, lectured on the significance of the present Cuban Revolution on January 7, 2017 at Havana’s famous Martin Luther King Memorial Center. Dr. Hussain’s lecture can be viewed here on YouTube. He also interacted with two Cuban members of Parliament at the office of the National Assembly, as well as actively engaging with some Cuban writers, artists, and activists. Dr. Hussain plans to write two pieces on his experiences in Cuba—one in English, and one in Bengali. He has been offered a “’Neoliberalism in the Neighborhood’ Distinguished Lectureship” at Evergreen State College being held from January 21-29, along with a “Summer Distinguished Professorship of English and Humanities” at the University of Liberal Arts in Bangladesh.

Maureen Wolverton, Senior Affiliate faculty in Liberal Studies presented, "Using Technology to Motivate Students in the GVSU Liberal Studies Adult Accelerated Program" at the Lilly Conference in Traverse City, Michigan (October 20, 2016).

The following Brooks College Faculty and Staff members presented on Thursday, January 19th, 2017, in the fourth Grand Valley annual Teach-In at the Kirkhof Center and DeVos Center.

  • Students' Rights to Their Own Language: Implications for SWS and the FMCWAMA 
    Presented by: Lindsay Ellis, Michael Wroblewski & Colleen Brice (faculty), Relando Thompkins-Jones & Patrick Johnson (staff) with Daulton Selke & Teresa Williams (students)
  • Trans Inclusiveness at GVSU   
    Presented by: Jen Hsu-Bishop & Jae Basiliere with Andie Bell, Alexis Brink & Jamie Bick   
  • In the Red: Stories of Student Debt
    Presented by: Denise Goerisch with Juan Arangure, Staci DeBoer, Susan Pete, Erica Clark & Kate Kwiatkowski
  • Using new power systems to advocate for a campus dedicated to social justice
    Presented by: Jessica Jennrich & Danielle Lake with Gloria Mileva, Hannah Fernando & Nikhil Watsa
  • Dialogue, Social Identity and Social Change
    Presented by: Joel Wendland , Relando Thompkins-Jones & Takeelia Garrett, with Darwin Perry & Bailee Gunderson
  • Tracing GVSU Student Activism
    Presented by: Kimberly McKee and Andrew Collier 
  • Workers’ Rights
    Presented by: Richard Hiskes with Kaitlyn Henderson, Brianna Miranda, Matthew Siemasz, John Grofvert & Alexandra Lazarou 
  • Let's Talk About Sex: The Sex Ed You Should Have Gotten in High School
    Presented by: Marilyn Preston with Arielle Perreautt 

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