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All Registration Permit requests, Pre-requisite Waivers, and Closed Class requests are now submitted by students online through Banner. The Registrar’s site provides an instructional video and a list of common registration errors and ways to solve them (  If a student receives an error message as they attempt to enroll in a class, the student should click on the link at the bottom (Registration Override Request) to request an override. The BMS dept.’s response to error messages are outlined below. 

Permits: Prior Approval Required

Registration permits are required for some sections of BMS classes.  Sections with permits are recognized by clicking on the CRN for the class (Registration permit required).  The reasons a class might have a permit are addressed below.

BMS 305, 310 and 311 have “Registration Permit Required” on sections reserved for students admitted into the nursing program (currently section 02).  No overrides will be provided for these sections before all admitted nursing students are enrolled.  Once the nursing class is admitted and enrolled (Nov [Winter]/April [Fall]), the permit will be removed: anyone with the prerequisites can enroll. 

BMS 399 or BMS 499.  Individual BMS faculty work with students in these classes. Students should contact the BMS faculty member before submitting a request.  Once the faculty member approves, please login to Banner and attempt to register for the appropriate section of BMS 399/499 (faculty have 1, 2, and 3 cr hr sections of BMS 499). When generating the Override Request, please include the faculty member and the number of credit hours.  You will receive a response asking you to contact the faculty member and have them communicate their approval to Dr Kurjiaka.

BMS 392 (Physiology: 291), 393 (Anatomy: 309), 394 (Microbiology: 213) Lab assistants:  Lab assistants are coordinated by particular faculty.  Please contact Dr Pearl (Physiology Lab), Prof Wieber (Anatomy Lab), or Dr Baxter (Microbiology Lab) if you are interested.  They will explain in more detail what is required to earn credit as a Lab assistant.

BMS 460.  In addition to meeting the prerequisites, students must contact Tim Strickler for approval to enroll in BMS 460. 

BMS 492 Internships Students interested in an internship should contact Dr D Burg.  This is something that must be worked out well in advance of attempting to enroll in the class.  Please contact Dr Deb Burg as soon as possible.

Reserved section:  For most other classes, registration permits are used to hold a section of a class in reserve.  Thus, students will not be enrolled in these sections until nearly all seats are filled. Most requests to enroll in the class will be denied.  This section is likely to get cancelled which is why the dept would prefer students find another section to enroll in.

Closed Class

The BMS dept is reluctant to go over-capacity in its labs for safety reasons. For that reason, requests for overrides into lab sections are denied. As students are always adjusting their schedule, keep checking Banner for open seats in the months leading up to the semester.  In addition, many seats open on the Mon after tuition is due and the Wed after finals as grades are posted and students have not met the prerequisites requirement. Tuition deadlines are posted on the Registrar’s site (

For lecture sections, the BMS dept will not approve any closed class permits until 3:00 pm on the Monday following the tuition deadline for the semester in which the student is trying to register.   In addition, The BMS dept requires the approval of the instructor for a capacity. Student should email the instructor first asking for their approval (faculty should copy Dr Kurjiaka on their approval email. Student can then submit the override request (many times there is an open seat when they do so an override is not required).

Enrolling in a closed class: Once a permit is generated, the student must go to Registration – Add/Drop.  At the bottom of the page are small boxes.  Type the CRN to the classes you have the capacity override to enroll in (one CRN in each box) and click Submit.  This is also a way to switch lab sections for a class (Use the drop down menu on the section you are enrolled in to Webdrop and add the CRN for the section you want into and THEN Submit).

A student whose eligibility for financial aid is affected by inability to enroll in a closed class should contact the Financial Aid office at or 331-3234 to discuss options.

Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisites for BMS classes are in place to ensure that the student has knowledge in the prerequisite class before they start the next class.  Thus, the instructor assumes a student already know the information (and will not be expected to cover it in class).  Thus, the BMS dept is reluctant to provide prerequisite overrides for students who are not enrolling in the prerequisite class at another institution.

Student is planning to take (or has taken) the prerequisite class at another institution:  The BMS dept requires evidence a student is enrolled in an equivalent class in order to provide a prerequisite override. This ensures the student is taking the correct class and that they are committed to taking the class.  Evidence of enrollment can be a screenshot of an unofficial transcript or schedule including a student’s name, the name of the institution, the course name/number, and either the grade received or when the course will be offered.  That information must be sent to Dr Kurjiaka.  You will receive a temporary override to enroll in the class.  In order to remain in the class, you must send your official transcript (once grades are posted) to GVSU so you can be credited.  Thus a prerequisite error message may be generated (see below). 

Other reasons: If you still want to request a prerequisite override, be sure to provide a justification for why you require the override and how you are going to ensure that you grasp the information from the prerequisite class.  The BMS dept is under no obligation to approve the request.  The dept may ask for additional information to clarify your request.

Prerequisite errors: Prerequisite errors are generated when a Banner lacks evidence a student completed or is enrolled in a prerequisite class in a previous semester.  Once a student receives that email, they will subsequently receive an email from the BMS dept asking them to resolve the prerequisite error (drop the class for which have not completed the prerequisite or provide evidence of having complete the prerequisite class: see above for the evidence required).  If the student does not drop the class, the BMS dept will call the phone number indicated in a student’s records and ask them to drop the class.  After all of these communication, if a student does not drop the class, the BMS dept will ask the Registrar to drop the student.

Repeat limit

Repeat limits are not resolved by the BMS dept.  If you are taking a class for the third time (or more), you must download the Repeat Limit Approval form and get it signed by your advisor and the BMS unit head before taking it to the Registrar office where you can enroll in the class.



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