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Anthony Nieuwkoop

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325-A Henry Hall



Office Hours

See available times here, or by appointment.

Courses Taught

BMS 212 - Introductory Microbiology
BMS 213 - Lab in Microbiology
BMS 312 - Bacterial Genetics
BMS 313 - Bacterial Genetics Laboratory


Ph.D. - Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Michigan, 1985
A.B. - Biology, Hope College, 1978

Research Interests

My Lab has been studying for a number of years the bacterium Rhizobium fredii, which is a soil microbe that is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia. This group of bacteria is very important for life on earth in that, while dinitrogen composes about 80% of our atmosphere, most living organism need their nitrogen in a more usable form, i.e. ammonia, amino acids, etc.

Specifically in the lab, we have been investigating how this group of microbes utilizes amino acids as food sources. This work has led to us cloning a portion of the Rhizobiums genome and constructing recombinant clones in order analyze this DNA. We have just completed the DNA sequence of this region and have identified a region that contains a drug resistance gene against the antibiotic Kanamycin. We didn't know that gene was there!

Current work in my lab involves characterizing this resistant gene. This includes doing Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion studies to determine the degree of resistance this gene confers, as well as further subcloning and genetic manipulations to confirm and expand the paper chemistry that weve identified with our DNA analysis.

Im always willing to chat about this current project or maybe some other Microbiology/Molecular biology/Microbial genetics projects going on in my lab. Come by during office hours, or make an appointment to come see me.

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