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Frank Sylvester

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235 Henry Hall



Office Hours

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Courses Taught

BMS 202 - Anatomy & Physiology
BMS 208 - Human Anatomy
BMS 290 - Human Physiology
BMS 291 - Human Physiology Laboratory
BMS 301 - Introduction to Research
BMS 309 - Human Anatomy Lab
BMS 375 - The Biology of Aging
BMS 495 - Concepts in Wellness (capstone)
BMS 508 - Advanced Human Physiology


Postdoctoral fellow, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2002
PhD (Physiology) Medical College of Wisconsin, 2002
M.A. (Biology) Drake University, 1997
B.S. (Animal Science) Cornell University, 1993

Research Interests

The sophistication of the human body has captivated biomedical researchers for decades. Part of its sophistication is due to the multiple organ systems that comprise the body as these organ systems work to ensure that all of the needs of the basic unit of the body, the cells, are met. The circulatory system is particularly instrumental in meeting the metabolic needs of cells as it is responsible for regulating blood flow in such a way as to match the cell’s level of activity with an appropriate amount of blood perfusion. My lab studies the role that blood vessels play in regulating blood flow. We are particularly interested in the functions of vascular smooth muscle and the endothelium as they are largely responsible for controlling local blood flow. Our current goal is to study the impact of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on vascular function. We have observed that acute hyperbaric oxygen therapy alters the function of blood vessels in ways that may prevent the impairments in blood flow observed in certain types of cardiovascular disease.

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