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James Dunn



Office Address
3440J Kindschi Hall of Science

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Areas of Expertise
Entomology, Plant Responses to Herbivory, Insect Conservation

Professional Societies

Entomological Society of America
Ecological Society of America

Courses Taught at GVSU

BIO 105 Environmental Science
BIO 121 General Biology II
BIO 232 Natural History of the Invertebrates
BIO 338 (SWS) Bioethics-Environment
BIO 372 Aquatic Insects
BIO 380 Entomology

Research Interests

Jim Dunn's students are investigating the mechanisms of plant tolerance and defense to insect herbivory. They are investigating the role that plasticity in life history characteristics and carbon allocation patterns play in the tolerance of clonal milkweed to damage by monarch caterpillars. Individual ramets appear to tolerate damage by being part of a larger clonal system than can share resources. We are also investigating the effect of drought on the inducible resin response of milkweed.

We are also concerned with the conservation of endangered insects in Michigan. A current project is documenting the Homoptera species richness of the rare sand-pine prairies of Newaygo Co. by comparing remnant prairies with reconstructed prairies. We hope to determine a list of prairie obligate species that can be used to indicate community quality. Butterfly and Orthoptera surveys are also underway.


Ph.D. Entomology, University of Kentucky, 1989
M.S. Entomology, University of Kentucky, 1986
B.S. Forestry, University of Michigan, 1980

Select Publications

Dunn JP and *CJ Summerfield. Evidence of physiological tolerance by swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) to defoliation by the monarch caterpillar (Danaus plexippus). American Midland Naturalist. In revision.

Wessell S** and JP Dunn. Evaluating the quality of volunteer stream monitoring data. 
Written and to be submitted to River Research & Management, Winter 2008.

Dunn JP, *CJ Summerfield, and *M Johnson. 2003. Distribution, seasonal abundance, host plants. and site quality of a Michigan threatened specie: the great plains spittlebug, Lepyronia gibbosa. The Great Lakes Entomologist 35:121-129.  

Summerfield CJ* and JP Dunn. 2001. Biology of a Michigan threatened specie: distribution and host plant use of the great plains spittlebug, Lepyronia gibbosa. McNair Scholars Journal 5: 71-78. Grand Valley State University. 

Buth M* and JP Dunn. 2001. Evaluating the “representative reach” component of Rapid Bioassessment Protocol: variation among candidate stream reaches. McNair Scholars Journal. 5: 52-58.

Varchola-Bradley JM*and JP Dunn. 2001. Influence of hedgerow and grassy field borders on ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae)activity in fields of corn. Agriculture,     Ecosystems, and Environment. 83:153-163. 

M.E. Johnson* and JP Dunn. 2000. Inventory of Cicadellidae and Cercopidae in prairie remnants of the Ore-Ida Preserve, Newaygo County, Michigan. Report to Nature Conservancy, Michigan Chapter, East Lansing, Michigan.

Varchola-Bradley JM* and JP Dunn. 2000. Influence of hedgerow and grassy field borders on ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) activity in fields of corn. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment. Elsevier Science Publishers. In Press.

Varchola, JM* and JP Dunn. 1999. Changes in ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages in farming systems bordered by complex or simple roadside vegetation. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 73:41-49. Elsevier Science Publishers.

Dunn, JP and KL Frommelt*. 1998. Effects of below ground herbivory by Diabrotica v. virgifera on carbon allocation and carbohydrate storage of maize. Applied Soil Ecology 7:213-218. Elsevier Science Publishers.

Dunn, JP and KL Frommelt*. 1998. Effects of below-ground herbivory by Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Chrysolelidae: Coleoptera) and soil moisture on the leaf gas exchange of maize. Journal of Applied Entomology 122:179-183.

Dunn, JP and PL Lorio, Jr. 1993. Modified water regimes affect photosynthesis, xylem water potential, cambial growth, and resistance of juvenile Pinus taeda to Dendroctunus frontalis Zimm. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae). Environ. Entomology 22:938-948.

Recent Presentations

Johnson, M* and JP Dunn. 2000. Representative Homoptera communities as bio-indicators of habitat quality in sand prairie ecosystems in Newaygo County, Michigan. Michigan Entomological Society (MES) Annual Meeting. Kellogg Biological Station.

Johnson, M* and JP Dunn. 2000. Homoptera community of the Newaygo sand prairies. Michigan Academy Annual Meeting. Saginaw Valley State University.

Summerfield C* and JP Dunn. 2000. Physiological response of milkweed to herbivory by the monarch caterpillar. Michigan Academy Annual Meeting. Saginaw Valley State University.

Weber S* and JP Dunn. 1997. Clonal integration and the effects of herbivory in common milkweed. Entomological Society of America (ESA) National Meeting. Nashville, TN.

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