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Alexey Nikitin

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3315 Kindschi Hall of Science

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Areas of Expertise
Human Genetics, Archeogenetics, Population Genetics, Life History Evolution, Molecular Evolution

Professional Societies

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
European Association of Archaeologists

Courses Taught at GVSU

BIO 105 Environmental Science
BIO 120 General Biology I
BIO 328 Biomedical Ethics
BIO 355 Human Genetics
BIO 375 Genetics
BIO 411 Genetics of Development and Cancer
BIO 416 Advanced Genetics
BIO 495 Perspectives in Biology
BIO 580 Life History Evolution
BIO 580 Population Genetics
CMB 250 Biotechnology

Research Interests

My primary research interest is the study of adaptive and non-adaptive changes in the human genome. The adaptive changes reflect heritable adjustments of human population to their environments (i.e., reflect evolutionary changes in the genome). My long-term research goals are to develop reliable tools to trace and quantify that adaptation.

The non-adaptive (selectively neutral) variation, particularly that which is found on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y chromosome, is used to identify phylogeographic relationships among human populations. Our team has been using mtDNA markers to trace population affinities of human prehistoric inhabitants of eastern and southeastern Europe, using archeogenetics, which involves the extraction and molecular genetic analysis of DNA from ancient human remains. 

Current research projects in my lab are devoted to the genetic analysis of prehistoric human populations from the northern part of the Black Sea in southeast Europe (called the North Pontic Region or NPR). This area is of great interest since many linguists and archeologists trace the spread of modern European languages to human groups that inhabited the NPR at the end of the Neolithic through the Bronze Age periods of human prehistory. Our team has been investigating genetic lineages of NPR inhabitants from those archeological periods to uncover both local as well as continent-wide genetic affinities to examine various models of human cultural dispersals that accompanied the spread of Indo-European languages in Eurasia.

Although we work primarily with mtDNA, we have recently expanded our research methods to the analysis of the nuclear genome, using Next Generation Sequencing (NSG) technology to study human genetic variation at the whole-genome level. 


Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, USA, PhD in Biological Sciences, 1997.
Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine, MS in Biology (Honors), 1992.

Select Publications

Mathieson I, Alpaslan Roodenberg S, Posth C, Szécsényi-Nagy A, Rohland N, Mallick S, Olade I, Broomandkhoshbacht N, Cheronet O, Fernandes D, Ferry M, Gamarra B, González Fortes G, Haak W, Harney E, Krause-Kyora B, Kucukkalipci I, Michel M, Mittnik A, Nägele K, Novak M, Oppenheimer J, Patterson N, Pfrengle S, Sirak K, Stewardson K, Vai S, Alexandrov S, Alt KW, Andreescu R, Antonovi D, Ash A, Atanassova N, Bacvarov K, Balázs Gusztáv M, Bocherens H, Bolus M, Boroneanc A, Boyadzhiev Y, Budnik A, Burmaz J, Chohadzhiev S, Conard NJ, Cottiaux R, uka M, Cupillard C, Drucker DG, Elenski N, Francken M, Galabova B, Ganetovski G, Gely B, Hajdu T, Handzhyiska V, Harvati K, Higham T, Iliev S, Jankovi I, Karavani I, Kennett DJ, Komšo D, Kozak A, Labuda D, Lari M, Lazar C, Leppek M, Leshtakov K, Lo Vetro D, Los D, Lozanov I, Malina M., Martini F, McSweeney K, Meller H, Menuši M, Mirea P, Moiseyev V, Petrova V, Price TD, Simalcsik A, Sineo L, Šlaus M, Slavchev V, Stanev P, Starovi A, Szeniczey T, Talamo S, Teschler-Nicola M, Thevenet C, Valchev I, Valentin F, Vasilyev S, Veljanovska F, Venelinova S, Veselovskaya E, Viola B, Virag C, Zaninovi J, Zäuner S, Stockhammer PW, Catalano G, Krauß R, Caramelli D, ZariFa G, Gaydarska B, Lillie M, Nikitin AG, Potekhina I, Papathanasiou A, Bori D, Bonsall C, Krause J, Pinhasi R, Reich D. 2018. The Genomic History Of Southeastern Europe. Nature 554, doi:10.1038/nature25778.

Lillie MC, Budd CE, Potekhina I, Price TD, Sokhatsky MP, Nikitin AG. (2017) First isotope analysis and new radiocarbon dating of Trypillia (Tripolye) farmers from Verteba Cave, Bilche Zolote, Ukraine. Documenta Praehistorica, XLIV: 306-324. doi: 10.4312\dp.44.18.

Nikitin AG, Potekhina I, Rohland N, Mallick S, Reich D, Lillie M. (2017) Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Eneolithic Trypillians from Ukraine reveals Neolithic farming genetic roots. PLOS ONE doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0172952.

Juras A, Krzewinska M, Nikitin AG, Ehler E, Chylenski M, Aukasik S, Krenz-NiedbaBa, Sinika V, Piontek J, Ivanova S, Dabert M, Gotherstrom A. (2017) Diverse origin of mitochondrial lineages in Iron Age Black Sea Scythians. Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/srep43950.

Nikitin AG, Ivanova S, Kiosak D, Badgerow J, Pashnick, J. (2017) Subdivisions of haplogroups U and C encompass mitochondrial DNA lineages of Eneolithic-Early Bronze Age Kurgan populations of western North Pontic steppe. Journal of Human Genetics 62: 605-613. doi:10.1038/jhg.2017.12.

Lillie, MC, Potekhina, ID, Nikitin, AG, Sokhatsky, M. P. (2015) First evidence for interpersonal violence in Ukraine’s Trypillian farming culture: Individual 3 from Verteba Cave, Bilche Zolote, Ukraine. In: K. Gerdau-Radoni, K. McSweeney (Eds.), Trends in Biological Anthropology 1. Oxbow Books: Oxford, pp. 54-60.

Nikitin AG, Newton JR, Potekhina ID. (2012) Mitochondrial haplogroup C in ancient mitochondrial DNA from Ukraine extends the presence of East Eurasian genetic lineages in Neolithic Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Human Genetics doi:10.1038/jhg.2012.69.

Gibson AM, Morgan RM, MacDonald N, Nikitin AG. (2012) Possible effects of the presence of common household chemicals in the environment:  The growth of an aquatic bacterial species on high concentrations of caffeine. Journal of Biotech Research 4: 72-79.  

Ivanova SV, Nikitin AG. (2012) Population dynamics of the steppe cultures of the Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age from the point of view of archaeogenetics. Stratum Plus 2: 1-11.

Lillie M, Potekhina I, Budd C, Nikitin AG. (2012) Prehistoric populations of Ukraine: Migration at the later Mesolithic to Neolithic transition. In: J. Burger, E. Kaiser und W. Schier (Eds.), Population dynamics in Pre- and Early History. New Approaches by using Stable Isotopes and Genetics“. Berlin, pp. 79-94.

Nikitin AG. (2011) Bioarcheological analysis of Bronze Age human remains from the Podillya region of Ukraine. Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 2(1): 31-36.

Nikitin AG, Sokhatsky MP, Kovaliukh MM, Videiko MY. (2010) Comprehensive site chronology and ancient mitochondrial DNA analysis from Verteba Cave -a Trypillian culture site of Eneolithic Ukraine. Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 1(1-2): 9–18.

Stickney JA, Nikitin AG, Nikitin GA, Morgan RM. (2010) An efficient enrichment technique for isolation and quantification of indigenous diesel fuel-utilizing bacteria present in freshwater sediments. Journal of Biotech Research 2(1): 10-20.

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Nasonkin I, Alikasifoglu A, Barrette T, Cheng M, Thomas PM, Nikitin AG (2002) Cloning, characterization and embryonic expression analysis of the Drosophila gene encoding insulin/relaxin-like peptide. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 295: 312-318.

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