Members of the Team Against Bias

The Team Against Bias is made up of students, faculty, and staff (listed below) who serve as “ambassadors” of the program - focusing on increasing reporting awareness, sharing “Speak Up” marketing materials widely, and serving as a resource to the Bias Incident Response Team and the Team Against Bias Educators

  • Bias Incident Response Team: 
    • The Bias Incident Response Team oversees the reporting, tracking and follow-up of individual incidents and campus wide responses (when deemed necessary). The members of this group are listed in bold font.
  • Team Against Bias Educators: 
    • The Team Against Bias Educators provide training to the campus community on the bias incident reporting process and the “Speak-Up Campaign”, which teaches active bystander skills.  They are also responsible for the overall assessment and evaluation of related educational efforts. The members of this group have an asterisk next to their names.





Ayotte, Scott

Director/Officer, Affirmative Action & EEO

Affirmative Action & EEO

Baker-Boosamra, Melissa

Assoc. Director for Civic Engagement
& Assessment

Student Life

Bernal, Jesse

Vice President for Inclusion and Equity

Inclusion and Equity

Bowman, Jonathan

Student Senate President

Student Senate

Coffill, Michele

Assoc. Director of Publications

News and Information

Crittenden, Nancy

Marketing Communications Manager

Institutional Marketing

Garrett, Takeelia*

Student Ombuds

Dean of Students Office

Gayton, Santiago

Asst. Director for Fraternity and
Sorority Life

Student Life

Haight, Aaron

Assistant Dean of Students

Dean of Students Office

Hardley, Jamillya

Living Center Director

Housing & Residence Life

Hsu, Jen

Director, Milton E. Ford LGBT
Resource Center

Milton E. Ford LGBT
Resource Center

Jennrich, Jessica

Director, Center for Women and Gender Equity

Center for Women and Gender Equity

Johnson, Sherry

Assistant Professor

English and African/
African American Studies

Klingensmith, Eric

Asst. Director, Coordinator of Crisis
Intervention & ACES

University Counseling Center

Kowalski-Braun, Marlene*

Assoc. Vice Provost for Student Affairs and
Asst. Vice President for Inclusion and Equity

Dean of Students Office/Office of
the Vice President, Inclusion and Equity

Lipnicki, Steven*

Assistant Dean of Students

Pew Campus Student Services

Palm, Jennifer

Assistant to The Graduate School

The Graduate School

Rhoades, Maddie

Student Senate Vice President for Diversity Affairs

Student Senate

Rowland, Theresa

Title IX Coordinator & Equity Officer

Title IX, Inclusion and Equity

Smith, Pat

Assoc. Vice President &
Deputy General Counsel

University Counsel

Springer, Bobby

Director, Pathways to College

Pathways to College

Stewart, Jennifer

Associate Professor


Thompkins-Jones, Relando*

Social Justice Educator/Coordinator

Office of the Vice President,
Inclusion and Equity

Tomaro, Elizabeth

Living Center Director

Housing & Residence Life

VanderVeen, Kathleen

Asst. Vice President for Equity, Planning,
and Compliance & ADA Compliance Officer

Office of the Vice President,
Inclusion and Equity

Walhof, Darren


Political Science

(Members whose names are in bold are part of the Bias Incident Response Team. Members with an asterisk next to their name are Team Against Bias Educators.)

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