Mindfulness Task Force

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) has an intentional, mindful, conscious, and healthy campus culture with appreciation and respect to the origins of mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Task Force's (MTF) purpose is to create a campus-wide cultural shift toward mindfulness, resiliency, and kindness.

The MTF aims to inspire this shift by:

  1. Weaving mindfulness practices and philosophy into existing curricular and extra-curricular programming and events;
  2. Providing students, faculty and staff with tools to create and sustain their own personal mindfulness practices;
  3.  Creating a supportive and mindful campus community –to encourage self-care, resiliency, stress management, and offer support.

"Be Well GV" is a mindfulness initiative championed by the MTF, which is composed of mindful leaders from GVSU Human Resources, the Dept. of Public Health, Campus Interfaith Resources, the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, and the College of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Be Well GV encourages the GVSU community to embody
mindfulness practices with:

  1. Non-Judgmental Awareness and Attention
  2. Self-Compassion and Acceptance
  3. Self-Care
  4. Conscious Communication and Action

These themes are laced throughout Be Well GV programming. Be Well GV also encourages communities of support to hold one another accountable to personal and professional practice.

Be Well GV aligns GVSU's Strategic Plan: Objective 3.E.3 - "GVSU has a well-established reputation for the wellness of students, faculty and staff at all levels, for example, earning and/or maintaining recognition as one of America's Healthiest Employers."

Page last modified April 2, 2019