Healthy Campus 2020

Student Objectives

Faculty/Staff Objectives

GVSU has taken the Healthy Campus 2020 pledge. Healthy Campus 2020 is a framework to support campuses in improving the health of their students, staff, and faculty. No two Healthy Campus initiatives are exactly alike, but a successful Healthy Campus initiative includes:

  1. A network of people working toward a common vision
  2. Priority health needs of your community
  3. A plan with strategies and action steps
  4. Community- and individual-focused interventions
  5. Tracking progress

NCHA 2018 Results

These have been removed. Please contact Amy Campbell 

The taskforce is comprised of five working committees focused on building a culture of health at Grand Valley State University:

Personal Health and Responsibility

  • Developing recommendations regarding student immunizations. Currently there are no recommendations in place for Grand Valley State University.

Nutrition Education

  • Implementing training for professional staff on protocol for handling a situation involving an eating disorder.
  • Healthy menu choice labeling pilot program. 

Building a Wellness Environment

  • Developing and implementing promotion of stair use on campus versus elevators.
  • Review of the tobacco policy and developing recommendations in conjunction with Student Senate for revisions to the policy.
  • Developed a recommendation statement for GVSU on the 48th street expansion project.
  • Reviewing the American League of Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly University Program and applications required for GVSU to become a Bicycle Friendly University.

Mental Health

  • Focus on stress management initiatives and projects.

Communication and Campaigns

  • Development of the Bewell website.

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