Healthy Eating on Campus

Trying to eat healthy? GVSU offers a number of healthy opportunities for making nutritious choices on campus.
Campus Dining
Campus Dining offers opportunities to make healthy selections on a number of campus restaurants and convenience stores

Want to meet with a registered dietician on campus? Campus Recreation offers nutrition services for students, faculty and staff. Set up your appointment by contacting the Fitness and Wellness Center either by phone: 616-331-3659 or e-mail:

GVSU Farmers Market
The main objective of the GVSU Farmers Market is to create an atmosphere where local food vendors can collaborate with GVSU in delivering fresh and wholesome food for staff, faculty, students, and surrounding community members. Generating profits for local farms while also providing the community nutritional food options.

Student Food Pantry
The Women's Center hosts the GVSU Student Food Pantry to meet the short-term challenges that students sometimes face when it comes to accessing food. Obtaining an adequate food supply is often a major component of financial stress and we know that inadequate nutrition decreases academic performance.

Sustainable Agriculture Project
The GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project is a collaboration between students, faculty, and staff to experience sustainable agriculture on the Allendale Campus. The project began with a group of students in 2008 and has expanded in the past few years to include a variety of different initiatives. We are passionate about sustainable food systems while learning about organic farming practices.

Page last modified March 15, 2019