Building Healthy Relationships

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Keep expectations realistic.

Talk with each other.

Be flexible.

Take care of you.

Be dependable.

Fight fair.

Show your warmth.

Keep your life balanced.

Its a process.

Be yourself!

Defining Domestic Violence and Dating Violence

Domestic violence and dating violence is behaviors or physical force that intimidate, manipulate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, coerce, threaten, hurt, injure or wound someone in order to obtain an/or maintain power or control over another. There are many different types of domestic violence, including physical, emotional/verbal, sexual and technological. Dating violence can occur in any gender combination, across all demographics and regardless of religion. In a healthy relationship, there is an equal balance of power and control; no one partner is continually dominate or controlling.

For more information visit GVSU's Women's Center. The Women's Center can advocate for and help support you or a victim/survivor of sexual violence.

Page last modified November 30, 2018