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"GVSU has a well-established reputation for the wellness of students, faculty and staff at all levels".

2016-2020 GVSU strategic plan (Page 19-Strategic Priority 3: Institutional outcome E:Objective 3.E.3)

Good health is vital to the success of students, faculty and staff at Grand Valley State University. Our task force is an interdepartmental collaboration working together to assesses, recommend and implement strategies to support total well-being of students, faculty and staff.

Our vision is to be the healthiest campus in Michigan.

Our mission is to increase collaboration and awareness among campus partners to identify wellness opportunities for GVSU students, faculty and staff and act on those opportunities to develop a campus culture that supports good health and well-being.

GVSU Wellness Task Force Key recommendations

  1. Align with Healthy Campus 2020 benchmarks:
  2. Sign on to Exercise is Medicine on Campus Initiative -signed by President Haas Oct 7th, 2016
  3. Sign on to the Partnership for a Healthier America-Healthy Campus Initiative-signed on in May 2016

Exercise is Medicine

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