Raw Egg Challenge


Grand Valley State University’s Battle of the Valley’s (BOV) committee has created a challenge for student all across the Allendale, Grand Rapids, and other satellite campuses. As an effort to raise money for the Laker Children's’ Fund (LCF), the well renowned charity that the profits will go towards. Some few years ago, a similar challenge the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was created and used all over the world to raise money and awareness to fight ALS. The challenge was to dump a bucket of ice cold water over one’s own head once nominated by someone else. If failure to partake in the act of dumping the ice water on their head if nominated, the nominee would be held accountable for donating $100 to the cause. ALS foundation raised over $115 million. Like this challenge, the BOV team is proposing to start one. The differences are as follows: One must crack an egg on their head if nominated and post it on social media for proof of participation, failure to do so within 24 hours, he/she/etc must donate a minimum of $10 to the LCF. Donation link found below.

Rules for “Raw Egg Challenge”

  • Video must be posted on social media for proof of participation
  • If fails to do the challenge, one must donate to LCF $10
  • 24 hours to complete the challenge once nominated
  • Use the #GVRawEggChallenge

Donate to link on BOV website

What to say!

"Hello, my name is x. Thank you to x for nominating me for the Raw Egg Challenge. I am nominating x, y, and z to complete this challenge as well to smash and egg on your head or donate $10 to the BOV fundraiser. You have 24 hours, good luck! But you should also donate to BOV!"


#GVRawEggChallenge - Emma Sluiter

#GVRawEggChallenge - Jonathan Bowman

#GVRawEggChallenge - Morgan Mattler

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Battle of the Valleys is coordinated by Laker Traditions in Student Life and Student Senate, which is a department of the Division of Student Services of Grand Valley State University.

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