Community Choice Competition

How it works?

This year for Battle of the Valleys we are starting a Community Choice Competition.

Here's how it works. The organization that receives the most points will receive $200 for their choice philanthropy.

Email Dan Ziegenfelder ( if you are interested in participating!

Ways to receive points:

1.) Participate in penny wars (To do so email Dan Ziegenfelder at

2.) Promote the donation link on social media and use #GVBOV17 as well as using a hashtag for your organization for us to keep track!

3.) Participate in the Raw Egg Challenge

4.) Attend the football game. Submit a picture to

Battle of the Valleys September 24 - 30

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BOV History A Tradition Dating Back to 2003

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Laker Children's Fund Where does the money raised go?

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Battle of the Valleys is coordinated by Laker Traditions in Student Life and Student Senate, which is a department of the Division of Student Services of Grand Valley State University.

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