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Meet Advising Professor Dori Danko

Dori Danko

Professor Dori Danko
FACULTY ADVISOR 2001 to 2009, 2012-present


B.S. Michigan State University
M.B.A. Grand Valley State University

Why should Accounting majors pledge Beta Alpha Psi?
Beta Alpha Psi offers a variety of opportunities to network with employers, other accounting students and faculty. It enables students to grow and gain valuable opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the accounting profession and develop leadership skills. In addition, recruiters look fondly upon participation in Beta.

How did the chapter come into existence?
The accounting club existed prior to Beta Alpha Psi. When the business school obtained the valuable AACSB accreditation several years ago we were eligible to have a Beta chapter at GVSU. Several faculty members have been involved over time including: Marinus DeBruine, Sue Martin, Parvez Sopariwala, and Steve Goldberg. 

What are some of the highlights of the chapter's brief, but distinguished history so far?
The chapter has been a superior chapter for a number of years. In addition, the chapter has always been a close-knit group where friendships develop and grow. We have also been very successful in fundraising and sending 6 or more students to conferences twice a year. 

How did you get from Public Accounting to Academia?
"I started at Coopers and Lybrand here in the GR office and worked for about 4 years then went off to industry and was a controller for about 3 years. During this time I was an adjunct for Sue Martin in ACC 308 - Nonprofit and Governmental Accounting when she went on Sabbatical. The Department Chair at the time, Joe Godwin, and I became friends and started talking about teaching full time for GVSU. I started in 1998 and was a visiting professor for about three years and considered leaving GVSU for a faculty position at GRCC. GVSU offered me a tenure track position and I stayed. I was elated to have a tenure position and a permanent future at GVSU." 

What prompted the switch to teaching?
"I have always enjoyed working in accounting both in public accounting and in industry. I left public accounting since I traveled quite a bit and wanted to be home more. I did like my job as a controller, however, the monthly accounting cycle started to wear on my nerves. I absolutely LOVE my job here at GVSU. It does not even feel like a job and consider myself so fortunate to be a part of this institution. What a great place to work for!" 

Phone: (616) 331-7397

Office: 3140 L William Seidman Center