What is K-12 Intensive Training?

START K-12 Intensive Training involves using curriculum that addresses key issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to train teams of multidisciplinary school professionals. Presenters in various content areas related to ASD bring training sessions to school sites in order to work collaboratively with local team leaders and successfully support students and school systems. The ultimate goal is to increase in knowledge and skills for supporting students with ASD through teamwork and collaboration.

Intensive Training involves the delivery of training modules to teams, each focused on a target student, over two years. The general content of the START Intensive Training Program includes modules on understanding autism, behavior supports, educational supports, peer to peer support IEP, and more.

K-12 Intensive Training Evaluation and Impact

  1. Target Student progress in the core areas of behavior, social-communication and interaction, academic, independence, engagement, and family involvement.
  2. Team’s ability to communicate, problem solve, make decisions, work collaboratively, understand the various disciplines and their different roles in supporting students with ASD.
  3. Team members increase in content knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge and serve as a more competent and successful team member within a multidisciplinary team.
  4. Systems changes in how students with ASD are supported within classrooms and buildings, identification of barriers to effective teaching and support and initial steps to address those barriers, and administrative support.
  5. Family members are active members of the team and participate in the development of goals, supports, and strategies to enhance learning and school engagement.

If you are interested in serving as a host site in the future, please contact the START office.