K-12 Resources

Individual Student Data Collection Forms

Differentiated Output

Behavioral Interventions & Supports

  • Spelling Tests
    • The purpose of these audio tracks are to help individuals with typical sensory systems understand what it might be like for a student with auditory sensitivity and filtering problems to do an everyday task like taking a spelling test in a classroom.


Literacy and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The START Project staff are identifying key characteristics impacting literacy for students with ASD and developing tools that may be helpful to supporting students. While students with ASD tend to demonstrate excellent word recognition and decoding skills, there are inherent challenges and impairment in the area of reading comprehension, often due to the fundamental characteristics of the disability. Visit the Literacy and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) page for more information. 

Personal Curriculum

This module was designed by the Michigan Department of Education to provide district staff with information about Course of Study decision-making due to the common practice of selecting Certification of Completion before a Personal Curriculum discussion for students with ASD. The module includes information on the recommended processes as well as tools and resources for developing local decision protocol. 

Personal Curriculum PowerPoint